The Ninja air fryer I use at home is discounted by $80/£100on March 15, 2024 at 16:43 Tech Advisor


I’ve tested lot of air fryers and one of the best, and the one I use at home, is the Ninja Speedi. It’s spacious, versatile, easy to use and gives crispy, crunchy results.  

When I reviewed it a year ago on its launch, it was priced at $199/£249.99. Now it’s 40% off and you can buy it for just $119.49/£148.98.

US readers can get the deal from Amazon.

Buy from Amazon US for under $120

If you’re in the UK, Amazon, John Lewis and Argos have the discount.

Get it on Amazon UK for under £150

Here’s why you should go for it.

The Speedi is one of the most versatile air fryers around, with 10 cooking settings. It can steam air fry, steam bake, steam, grill, air fry, bake/roast, dehydrate, sear/sauté, slow cook and cook Speedi meals. Speedi meals are a complete meal cooking programme that allow you to prepare a rice, pasta or grain dish at the same time you’re cooking meat or fish. The whole meal will be ready in 15 minutes, making this one of the fastest and cheapest ways to cook.

The advantage of the steam settings is that they make food extra crunchy and the Speedi is one of the best air fryers we’ve tested for crispy food. What’s more, the fact that you can use it to sauté and then slow cook means you can make multi-step recipes in it, first browning onions, then adding stock and rice.

It’s easy to use as well, with a bright digital display and up and down keys for quickly adjusting preset times and temperatures.

Inside the Speedi, there’s a removable deep cooking tray with a massive 6QT/5.7-litre capacity, which can comfortably make a meal for four. It’s coated in Ninja’s excellent non-stick as well, which makes it quick to clean (as long as you do so regularly).

All in all, it’s one of the most useful air fryers we’ve tested, but if it’s not right for you, have a look at our round-up of the best air fryers we’ve tested for more recommendations.

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