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If you have any unwanted password moochers on Netflix, then you can take them off your account by transferring them to a brand new account.

This will now be one of the default options from the company to stop users from sharing a password.

If you’d like to know how to transfer profiles on Netflix, then keep on reading. You can also check out all the information on the Netflix Basic with Ads tier.

Note that this is different to having an extra member, which is another feature that has been introduced during Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing.

How to transfer profiles on Netflix 

This feature has been out for a few months now, and is available to use for subscribers in the US and UK. You must sign into Netflix on a web browser – not via an app. Here are the steps you need to take to transfer a profile: 

At a glance

Time to complete: 5 minutesMaterials required: PC or laptop, Netflix account


Click on ‘Transfer Profile’ on the drop-down menu on the homepage


Clicking on ‘Account’ can also take you to the transfer profiles page


Confirm that you want to allow profile transfers 

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An email will be sent to the account holder to confirm that profile transfers are turned on once you click ‘Allow’


Select which profile you would like to transfer to a new account within the Profiles and Parental Controls section, and then click ‘Transfer’  


As per the screenshot, a backup copy of the profile will still be available on the original account


Enter the email address and password that you would like to use for the new account 


Follow the on-screen prompts until the profile is moved over – Netflix will send a confirmation email once everything is finished

Note that Netflix will keep a copy of the profile on the original account. At the time of writing, you cannot move a profile to an existing account – it will have to be a new one.  

If you must leave the process halfway through, you can continue by using a web browser to sign into Netflix with the email address and password you used to start the process. Then, simply select ‘Finish Transfer’ to pick up where you left off.  

This is the first thing that Netflix has rolled out to curb password sharing. The platform has been testing allowing users to add additional ‘Homes’ in Central and South America, as well as other features – but these aren’t yet official worldwide.

What is carried over in a profile transfer on Netflix?

When you move a profile to a new account, the following information should be retained:

Recommendations and content suggestionsViewing historySaved games and games handleSettings such as languages and subtitles, autoplay, age-rating viewing restrictions and moreProfile name and icon

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