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Early previews for DC’s The Flash have taken place, and many critics are already hyping up this multiverse flick, despite the controversy surrounding the lead actor, Ezra Miller. 

The Flash/Barry Allen travels through time to try and stop his mother from being murdered, but in the process causes a major disruption in the multiverse. He teams up with Batman and Supergirl to reset the universe back to the way it was.  

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to get your hands on tickets for the next major DC film, then we have everything you need to know. We also have guides on what to watch before The Flash and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.  

When do tickets for The Flash go on sale? 

Cinema chains have started to roll out tickets for The Flash in the US and UK.

Check out the latest trailer for The Flash. We also have a similar article for Mission: Impossible 7.

Where to buy tickets for The Flash

Tickets for The Flash are rolling out now in the US and UK:


AMC Theatres (rolling out now)Fandango  (rolling out now)  Atom Tickets (rolling out now)   Cinemark (rolling out now)   MovieTickets.com    


Cineworld    Odeon (rolling out now)   Empire (rolling out now)   Vue (rolling out now)   Showcase (rolling out now)   The Everyman (rolling out now)   Picturehouse   

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