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The Oculus (well technically Meta now, but that’s semantics) Quest 2 is a phenomenal headset; the upgraded Snapdragon XR2 platform provides a serious boost in the performance department, offering higher quality standalone VR experiences and, with an enhanced display, everything looks great too.

VR accessories help further enhance the virtual experience, with a flurry of great VR accessories available for PC VR headsets. Meta wanted to provide a similar experience for Quest 2 users and designed the headset with accessories in mind. You can swap out the head strap, the faceplates and more to expand the functionality of the standalone headset and get the most out of it for your needs – be it gaming, social or work-related.

So, you’ve got your new headset and you want to pick up a few accessories to go along with it – you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested and ranked the best accessories currently available for the Meta Quest 2 to help you get the most out of your virtual reality experience.

If you’re yet to pick up the headset, take a look at our Oculus Quest 2 review to see why it’s such a tempting option, and our selection of the best VR headsets if you’re on the market for something a little different.

Best Quest 2 accessories in 2023

VR Cover Facial Interface: Best Leather Facial Interface


Easy cleaning




Can become detached easily



Best Prices Today:

£29 at VR Cover

The soft spongey material that laces the Oculus Quest 2 is comfortable and breathable, but that’s also a problem – especially if you’re using the standalone headset to workout in apps like FitXR or Beat Saber and work up a bit of a sweat in the process. Nobody wants a super-absorbent headset lining that’s hard to wash and dry, right?

Thankfully, VRCover offers swappable soft leather faceplates for the Quest 2. The replacement faceplates are cushioned with foam so it’s just as comfortable, but with the added bonus of being easy to wipe down and clean when things get a bit sweaty. Bye-bye germs!

There’s also an extended nose guard to help block light that comes in around your nose and passive air vents to help keep you cool too.

Soundcore VR P10 – Best wireless earbuds


Superb low-latency performance

Great audio quality

Can be used as standard Bluetooth headphones


Not available in the UK


Unavailable in the UK

The Quest 2’s built-in speakers are great for casual VR sessions, but what about when you want to really focus on a game and want to be able to pick up on the smallest detail? While you can plug in a pair of headphones, wireless earbuds are much more compact and convenient. The problem? Meta doesn’t allow Bluetooth audio connections due to excessive lag.

Soundcore has gotten around that issue with its VR P10 wireless earbuds, designed specifically for the Quest 2. Instead of relying on Bluetooth, the buds use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and a USB-C dongle to achieve a wireless connection. Simply plug the small dongle into the USB-C port of the headset, pop the buds in and you’re away. There’s even USB-C passthrough on the dongle, allowing you to charge the headset without having to unplug it first.

The Wi-Fi wizardry means the VR P10 buds can achieve a 30ms low-latency connection with no noticeable lag in use. Importantly, the audio quality is impressive for the size, with 11mm drivers and Soundcore’s BassUp technology making explosions and gunfire sound much more impactful. Though primarily focused on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is available and you can use both simultaneously, allowing you to take calls from your phone as you game in VR.

Plus, the VR P10 buds just look the part, complete with bright purple LEDs on each bud that glow brightly when in use.

The only real downside is that it’s only available in the US for now, with most other regions losing out. Let’s hope for an international launch sooner rather than later!

Oculus Link Cable: Best USB-C Cable for Oculus Link


Great performance

Allows PC VR on Quest 2

Very long cable



Oculus Link is undoubtedly one of the key features of the Oculus Quest for those that like to dabble in PC VR gaming. The Oculus Link functionality, available for both generations of Quest, allows users to hook the standalone headset up to a PC and use it to play PC VR titles.

You see, while the Oculus Quest is a capable bit of hardware with an incredible display, it doesn’t have the same level of power as a high-end gaming PC. Besides, there are games like Half-Life: Alyx that simply aren’t available on Quest.

Oculus Link essentially saves you the hassle of having to buy a second headset for use with PC, and with one of the best displays of any VR headset on the market right now (standalone or otherwise) the Quest is the perfect option to experience high-end PC VR titles. It’s capped at 90Hz for now, but an update to increase it to 120Hz on the second-gen headset should be available soon.

You can admittedly use a variety of USB-C cables to connect the headset to your gaming PC, but the official Link cable is both long enough at 5m and sports a 90-degree angle on the USB-C end for a cleaner look when plugged into the headset.

If you’ve got a capable gaming PC and want to experience titles like No Man’s Sky in VR, the Link cable is a must-have.

BoboVR M2 Pro: Best Strap for Comfort & Battery Life


Halo-like headstrap design

Hot-swappable battery system

Comfortable to wear


Feels flimsy in places

Fiddly installation process



Best Prices Today:

£59.99 at BoboVR

BoboVR may not be as recognisable as the likes of Logitech, but the company makes great accessories for the Quest 2 including the M2 Pro, the company’s latest battery-equipped headstrap that brings something a little different to the table. 

While using a crank system to adjust the headset isn’t a new idea – Meta’s own Elite Strap uses the same design – BoboVR has a slightly different way of strapping the headset to your head.

It essentially ditches the central headstrap, so you won’t mess your hair up in VR sessions, while adding extra support on your forehead and back of the head to accommodate. It’s similar in design to the PlayStation VR, one of the better headstrap systems, and it’s easy to put on or take off. 

As well as the Halo-like headstrap design, the M2 Pro comes with a magnetic battery pack that snaps into place on the rear, playing a chime to indicate that it’s in place and ready. The 5200mAh rechargeable battery can more than double the life of the Quest 2, and if you buy an additional charger (not included) you can quickly swap them out to game for even longer. 

If you want both a longer battery and a better headstrap fit for your Quest 2, the BoboVR M2 Pro is one of the best third-party options on the market in 2023. 

BoboVR F2: Best Fan System for Quest 2


Easy to fit

Two fan modes to choose from

Stops the lenses from steaming up


An extra accessory to charge



Best Prices Today:

£40.99 at Amazon

The Quest 2 is a phenomenal gaming headset with a growing library of fitness-focused titles to help you stay healthy, even in the virtual world. Games like Beat Saber, Fit XR and Supernatural all encourage you to get your sweat on while playing, but with sweat comes the inevitable steaming of the lenses, obscuring your view unless you constantly take the headset off and give it a wipe. Annoying, right?

That’s what BoboVR wants to fix with the BoboVR F2, a new fan system that aims to circulate cold air inside the headset to keep the air cool and stop the lenses from steaming up. There are two modes available so you can adjust airflow depending on what you’re doing, and it’s near-silent in operation too.

While I was sceptical about how well it’d work, the F2 does an incredible job at funnelling out hot humid air from the headset, so much so that even while sweating after 30 minutes of Beat Saber, I could still clearly see the displays.

Where I’d have to usually wipe the lenses every 5-10 minutes, it’s a day-and-night improvement that fixes one of the biggest complaints about VR up until this point. 

The only downside is that there’s no intuitive way to charge the fan. Instead, you’ll have to occasionally remove it from the Quest 2 to top it up via USB-C. 

Turtle Beach Fuel Compact VR Charging Station: Best Charging Dock


Doubles up as a display stand

Convenient compact charging solution

1500mAh batteries for controllers





What if you want somewhere to proudly showcase your Oculus Quest 2 that also charges it? Well, that’s where Turtle Beach’s Meta Quest 2 Charging Station comes in. It acts not only as a dock, holding your headset and its controllers in all their glory when not in use, but it’ll also charge everything so it’s ready to go when you are.

The kit comes with a compact dock, along with replacement rechargeable battery packs for the controllers boasting up to 20 hours of use per charge and accompanying Oculus controller covers that make it compatible with the touch-charging points in the dock. That way, whenever your controllers are slotted into place, they’ll get charged up.

When it comes to the headset itself, Turtle Beach utilises supplies a MagSafe-esque USB-C cable for charging. You put the magnetic USB-C node into the side of the headset, and the cable magnetically snaps into place when held nearby. The beauty of this system is that you can simply lift the headset away, and the cable will disconnect without moving the stand. It’s a smooth experience, although the magnetic connection can sometimes be a little fiddly.

There’s a 6ft cable that comes with the stand, allowing you to place the charging dock wherever you’d like – the only downside is that it doesn’t come with a charging brick. You’ll have to supply one of those separately.

There’s built-in LED lighting that displays the current charge status of your headset and controllers, with a flat-to-full charge taking around 2.5 hours on average.

It’s worth noting that it’s compatible with both the standard and Elite headstraps, along with third-party headset straps like the BoboVR M2 Pro. 

Energizer Recharge Pro: Best Rechargeable Batteries for Quest 2


No need for disposable batteries

Convenient charging system



Battery life dwindles over time



Best Prices Today:

£23.85 at Amazon

The Oculus Quest controllers are great, and the second-gen controllers last way longer than the originals, but there is still a problem: they use disposable AA batteries. There is reasoning behind this with built-in batteries deteriorating over time, offering less and less power per charge, while single-use batteries give you the most power possible. It’s just not very green (or wallet-friendly) is it?

One of the best accessories you can get for your Quest isn’t something that connects to the headset itself, oh no. Do yourself a favour and pick up a rechargeable battery station and four rechargeable AA batteries. You’ll get decent battery life out of them, you can use them over and over again and when they do eventually die, you’ll only have to fork out for a few new batteries.

Better for the planet and your bank balance too!

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