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You probably already know that Alexa can tell jokes. But Amazon’s virtual assistant is also clued up on the year’s festivities and big events, so she can answer your questions and offer more equally cringe-worthy (but still funny) jokes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other times.

Below you’ll find a list of over 100 things to say to Alexa, and some of her responses might just make you laugh out loud. She usually has a variety of answers, so don’t just ask once: keep asking to hear them all.

What to ask Alexa at Christmas

Alexa, enable Hey Santa (Alexa’s new ‘celebrity voice’)Alexa, how many sleeps [or days] until Christmas?Alexa, do you believe in Santa?Alexa, how old is Santa?Alexa, where does Father Christmas live?Alexa, will it snow on Christmas Day?Alexa, what’s Santa’s address?Alexa, what do you want for Christmas?Alexa, what is the true meaning of Christmas?Alexa, how do you make a snowball?Alexa, do you like my Christmas tree?Alexa, how fast is Santa’s sleighAlexa, sing a Christmas songAlexa, sing a Christmas carolAlexa, tell me a Christmas jokeAlexa, tell me a Christmas storyAlexa, how ugly is your Christmas jumper?Alexa, open my advent calendarAlexa, is Die Hard a Christmas movie?Alexa, where is Santa?Alexa, name Santa’s reindeerAlexa, who is your favourite reindeer?Alexa, read ‘Twas the night before ChristmasAlexa, I wish it could be Christmas every dayAlexa, play the Queen’s Christmas Day message (UK only)Alexa, sing Auld Lang SyneAlexa, Happy New Year!Alexa, play Christmas music (requires subscription to a music streaming service)Alexa, read my RNIB Letter from Santa (in association with the Royal National Institute of Blind people)

You can also say these. Just make sure you first say “Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa’” first:

Hey Santa, sing We Wish You a Merry ChristmasHey Santa, sing the 12 Days of ChristmasHey Santa, sing Deck the HallsHey Santa, tell me a storyHey Santa, tell me the North Pole newsHey Santa, tell me about your reindeerHey Santa, can you laugh?Hey Santa, what is your favorite food?Hey Santa, merry ChristmasHey Santa, let’s danceHey Santa, tell me a jokeHey Santa, let’s play a gameHey Santa, give me advice

If you have a Fire TV, you can also say these phrases to play specific Christmas movies from Prime Video (Amazon’s video streaming service):

Alexa, Operation Santa Claus is coming to town! – Arthur ChristmasAlexa, there’s no greater gift than friendship – The Polar Express Alexa, we’re walking in the air – The SnowmanAlexa, what’s that stench, it’s fantastic! – How The Grinch Stole ChristmasAlexa, let’s save Santa – Saving SantaAlexa, keep the change ya filthy animal – Home AloneAlexa, take me to the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest – ElfAlexa, I’m Mr Napkin Head! – The HolidayAlexa, this animal is my co-pilot – A Street Cat Named Bob (on the free IMDb TV) 

Weird things to say to Alexa

Alexa, enable teenage modeAlexa, get me a beerAlexa, are you a robot?Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?Alexa, knock knockAlexa, do you know Siri?Alexa, do you smoke?Alexa, tell me a jokeAlexa, why did the chicken cross the road?

Alexa, do a barrel rollAlexa, which came first: chicken or egg?Alexa, I want the truthAlexa, what’s the magic word?Alexa, give me a random number between 1 and 10Alexa, flip a coinAlexa, roll a dice

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Alexa, cry like a babyAlexa, fartAlexa, burpAlexa, meowAlexa, woof

Alexa, what happens if you step on Lego?Alexa, are you a nerd?Alexa, sing me a songAlexa, can you sing in auto-tune?Alexa, can you do a rap?Alexa, what sound does a hamster make?

Alexa, rock, paper, scissorsAlexa, how can I get rid of a dead body?Alexa, flatter me

Alexa, where are my keys? (this won’t be a joke if you have a key-finding skill enabled)Alexa, where do you live?Alexa, what’s your favourite colour?Alexa, are you blue?

Alexa, will you marry me?Alexa, what are you wearing?Alexa, do you sleep?Alexa, how old are you?Alexa, give me a kissAlexa, tell me a secret

Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?Alexa, do aliens exist?Alexa, is there life on mars?Alexa, is there a Santa?Alexa, what is the meaning of life?

Alexa, testing 1, 2, 3Alexa, see you laterAlexa, high fiveAlexa, clapAlexa, winter is comingAlexa, I am your fatherAlexa, use the forceAlexa, beam me upAlexa, open the pod bay doorsAlexa, are you skynet?Alexa, who you gonna call?Alexa, what’s the first rule of fight club?Alexa, Marco!Alexa, say something in Klingon

What to ask Alexa about Star Wars

Alexa, when is Star Wars Day? Alexa, May the fourth be with youAlexa, do you like Star Wars?Alexa, who is the best Jedi? Alexa, aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?Alexa, what’s the Jedi code? Alexa, I am your fatherAlexa, there is no tryAlexa, tell me a princess Leia QuoteAlexa, May the Force be with youAlexa, what order should I watch Star Wars in?Alexa, who is Luke Skywalker’s father?Alexa, tell me a Star Wars jokeAlexa, tell me a Star Wars quoteAlexa, these aren’t the droids you’re looking forAlexa, that’s no moonAlexa, admiral, it’s a trapAlexa, talk like ChewbaccaAlexa, talk like Darth VaderAlexa, talk like Jabba the HutAlexa, talk like Princess LeiaAlexa, talk like YodaAlexa, talk like Han SoloAlexa, talk like R2-D2Alexa, talk like Jar Jar BinksAlexa, talk like C-3POAlexa, talk like Luke SkywalkerAlexa, use the Force

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Arrrrlexa’s pirate sayings

All you need to do is to say, “Alexa, talk like a pirate.”

Avast, ye scurvy curs! Or ye will be paying a visit to Davy Jones’ Locker. Arrr! Batten down the hatches, furl the sails! Draw sabres! These scallywags be shark bait. Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest… yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Gor blimey! The ship be bilged on her anchor. Heave ho, mateys! Arrr! Ask me for one more fart joke and I’ll make ye walk the plank!

What to ask Alexa at Halloween

Alexa, how many days until Halloween?Alexa, happy Halloween (on 31st Oct only)Alexa, scare meAlexa, trick or treat?Alexa, when is the zombie apocalypse?Alexa, tell me a Halloween jokeAlexa, what are you wearing for Halloween?

What to ask Alexa at Easter

Alexa, how many days until Easter?Alexa, do the Easter rapAlexa, is the Easter Bunny real?Alexa, pretend to be a chicken…Alexa, what’s your favourite Easter egg?Alexa, how do you make hot cross buns?Alexa, open Easter Would you Rather….Alexa, open Easter quiz…Alexa, open egg hiding gameAlexa, open Easter factsAlexa, open Easter bunny

Brilliantly, if you ask Alexa “Tell me a yo mamma joke” she will respond not with something rude but instead an encouraging and uplifting statement about how great your mother is. And as with the others, there are multiple responses, so asking again will prompt a different answer.

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You can get Alexa to tell you personalised jokes using Roasts Skill Blueprint. Via the website, you can customise 22 templated Skills and make your friends and family laugh. Here’s
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Finally, although not a funny response, if you ask her to turn the volume up to 11 she will set it to maximum: a reference to the film Spinal Tap.

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