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Traditionally, web browsers have had one job: to display web pages. But the web today is very different from how it was a decade ago, let alone when websites first appeared around 25 years ago.

For a long time, Internet Explorer was one of the most popular web browsers. However, users have turned to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge because they go beyond merely letting people access web pages.

Improvements to the browsing experience aren’t stopping there, though. We’re entering a new generation of web browsers that can make people’s lives easier in other ways, whether it’s via dedicated privacy features or tools to save time and money.

One such example is Hola, which began as a VPN before expanding into web browsers. That expertise is particularly useful in the current climate, where internet access remains severely restricted in many countries. Research carried out by the company across China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates (UAE) found that 43% of respondents are struggling to access vital educational content, with 82% expecting the need for web access tools to grow in the near future.

As the only browser with a built-in resource-sharing peer-to-peer VPN, Hola Browser is the perfect solution. It offers 1,500 servers across 180 countries, free of charge, allowing users to leverage the peer-to-peer network actively created from real users and appear as if they’re in a country with far fewer internet restrictions. Having a new IP address also benefits privacy, meaning your activity can’t be tracked by your internet provider nor the government. Regardless of where you’re living, this is a useful feature.

But Hola Browser’s excellent functionality doesn’t stop there. The browser also has a built-in price comparison tool, meaning you can be sure you’re getting the best price on plenty of key purchases. Hola Browser specifically advertises its suitability for travel websites, such as Skyscanner and Kayak. Impressively, all of this is achieved without any noticeable impact on speeds. Even with a VPN connected, Hola Browser is lightning fast, with no limits imposed on your internet connection or bandwidth. If pages load within a few seconds without a VPN connected, they still will.

It’s also worth mentioning the range of devices Hola can be used on. Alongside dedicated apps for Windows and Mac, it’s available on mobile devices from Apple, Huawei and Samsung, plus a variety of smart TVs. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the Hola Browser, a VPN extension can be added to Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge.

Considering everything you’re getting, it’s reasonable to expect Hola Browser to only be available for paying customers. But that’s not the case, with everything mentioned in this article available completely free – no registration or credit card details necessary. For the free version, as Hola is a peer-to-peer product, they will use a minimal amount of your resources while you are not online. This allows Hola to expand the number of countries the browser is  available in by increasing the number of IP addresses available to you and all users. There is an optional premium tier, which removes the one-hour daily browsing limit from the VPN, adds more servers and allows you to connect up to 10 devices. Also, you won’t be asked to contribute any resources at all. A three-year plan works out at just $2.99/£2.39, so it still represents very good value for money. However, the free version of Hola Browser offers everything most people are looking for. It’s available to download now from Hola website.

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