The hybrid workplace needs to work for everybodyRob Enderleon April 27, 2022 at 16:57 Computerworld


I met last week with Kristi Woolsey, a consultant with BCG Smart Environments Group who helps companies balance the corporate need for employee oversight and workers desire to keep working from home. There’s a growing concern that executives and employees are getting out of sync: executives wanting their people to return to the office, while many, if not most, employees prefer to work from home. 

Woolsey is a physical space architect with a background in behavioral strategy as it relates to product placement in stores and customer management. This is a unique skill often used in retail to maximize store yield; it requires a deep understanding of how people can be successfully motivated (and manipulated). I was fascinated to see that same skill being applied to the ongoing need to have a hybrid environment to retain employees and keep them relatively safe and productive. 

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