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2022 will see technologies like the Metaverse, NFTs and AI gather pace. Rory Kenny, CEO Loudly, discusses what digital trends to expect next year.

AI will continue to lead a new wave of tech disruption

AI was recently set the task of arguing for and against itself – ominously, AI had a clear message for businesses. According to the BBC, the AI said: “”If you do not have a vision of your organisation’s AI strategy, then you are not prepared for the next wave of technological disruption.”

AI will continue to be an effective tool to analyse consumer behaviour, aiding better informed decision making in terms of marketing and selling strategies. With increasing pressure on supply chains, AI offers crucial insight by accurately predicting what products consumers want and need, which in turn allows organisations to deliver better product availability.

The Year the Metaverse goes mainstream

Although the Metaverse has been in existence for several years, it’s been isolated to a small audience. That’s all set to change since Facebook renamed itself as Meta. The Metaverse will go mainstream in 2022 with more accessible platforms encouraging users to join. The aim of the Metaverse is to encourage users to create their own spaces and experiences that are tailored and personal to them.

From having a party with friends to hosting a work meeting – the possibilities are endless in this online world. Businesses will start to expand into the Metaverse offering their goods and services there, creating a lucrative revenue stream for those who execute it well. Facebook (or is that Meta) executive Nick Clegg even carried out an interview with the FT in the Metaverse recently, as if to underline the fact it’s not hype anymore. Expect the Metaverse to go mainstream in 2022.


NFTs will mature

2022 will see purchasers have more confidence in buying NFTs as a safe investment and view them in the way we traditionally see with physical art. For creators. NFTs will offer huge opportunities, which we discovered when we worked with four artists in 2021 to gain insight into the process. NFTs mean more agency, control and money for creators.

However, the experience is not without challenges. Adding layers to works such as music to artwork is complicated with many unanswered questions over contracts, royalties and ownership. In 2022 NFTs will offer solutions to better aid the creative process such as Loudly which creates royalty-free music using AI.

More content creators will go full-time

Currently, a third of Brits have a side hustle creating social media content. We anticipate this continuing to rise in 2022. More and more people will want to spread the risk of economic shocks to their income by generating multiple earning opportunities and social media content creation or influencing will be a huge growth area.

Recent research by Loudly found that 18% of Gen Z are making their main income from content creation or working towards it. With 30% of those asked saying the reason they make digital content is to generate more clicks and followers and to earn money.

The content marketing market is set to grow by $269 billion by 2024 as we see companies invest even more in social media outreach, and start to move into the world of the Metaverse. Also, the barriers to entry are relatively low, meaning a smart device, Wi-Fi, a good idea, and some genuine talent combined with savvy social media marketing, make content creation a very accessible career option.

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