Adobe to adapt terms of service on genAI training after customer backlashon June 13, 2024 at 11:28 Computerworld


Adobe will change language in the terms of use for its software, as it seeks to clarify its position on content ownership and the use of customer data to train generative AI (genAI) models. 

The move comes in response to a customer backlash over an update to Adobe’s terms of use for Creative Cloud and Document Cloud software earlier this month. Some customers had interpreted the language to mean Adobe would gain access to their work for training purposes. 

The updated terms include several changes, including a statement that Adobe “may access your content through both automated and manual methods, such as for content review.”

Subscribers were required to re-accept the updated terms or lose access to Adobe’s apps and services. 

Customers raised concerns over Adobe’s ability to view and access content, highlighting concerns aboutcontent protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Adobe attempted to explain the changes to its terms in a blog post June 6, stating the intention was to clarify updates to its moderation processes. Adobe said that it does not train its Firefly genAI model on customer content, and will “never assume ownerships of a customer’s work.”

On Monday, the company published another post, this time acknowledging the need to clarify the language in its terms of service after customer pushback. Adobe said it would consult with customers before changes are made on June 18. 

Adobe said that while its stance around the use of customer content is unchanged, it should have “modernized” and updated the terms of use sooner to explain legal language more clearly to customers. 

“Our updated Terms of Use, which we will be releasing next week, will be more precise, will be limited to only the activities we know we need to do now and in the immediate future, and uses more plain language and examples to help customers understand what they mean and why we have them,” Adobe said in the latest  blog post. 

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