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If you’re a true fan of The Traitors and can’t wait to dive into a web of conspiracies, another exciting show lurks in the shadows.

According to Deadline, the BBC is going to launch a new version of the top-rated program: The Traitors, but with celebrities.

The British edition of the show was one of the biggest TV hits in recent years. The struggles of the participants, who competed in a Scottish castle, gained even more views than reality staple The Masked Singer.

So far, two seasons of the British edition of The Traitors have featured ‘ordinary civilians’. However, the American version has already mixed stars with members of the general public, while season 2 featured celebrities exclusively.

It seems that the BBC has decided to follow in the footsteps of Peacock and create a version with big names.

Here’s everything we know so far about a brand-new instalment of The Traitors.

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When could The Traitors Celebrity release?

The BBC and Studio Lambert aren’t providing information on the show for now. However, according to leaks, The Traitors with celebrities is expected to appear in 2025, after the release of The Traitors UK season 3.

Who is the host of The Traitors with celebs?

You can rest easy because the iconic host of the Traitors UK, Claudia Winkleman, is also reported to lead the celeb version of the show.

Who are the contestants on the celebrity version of The Traitors?

For now, there is no confirmed list of participants in the program, but apparently, the BBC and Studio Lambert are targeting big names.

According to rumours, Courteney Cox would be one of the contestants. The actress appeared in a video published by Claudia Winkleman announcing The Traitors UK season 2. For fans, this proves that Cox is a fan of the show and could appear in its celebrity version.

Could we BE any more excited?! 👀 Head to for a chance to play #TheTraitors 😈 #iPlayer

— BBC One (@BBCOne) April 3, 2023

There is also speculation that the show could feature Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Mary Berry, who appeared in the 2023 Celebrity Traitors sketch for Comic Relief. 2024’s sketch also featured the likes of Suranne Jones, David Walliams, and Catherine Tate – so these are all potential players as well.

What will The Traitors with celebs be about?

The formula of the series will likely be similar to the version with ‘civilians’.

Celebrities will be locked up in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, competing for a cash prize. However, a few ‘traitors’ will be hidden in the group – they will plot and ‘murder’ other participants. Therefore, the ‘faithfuls’ will have to discover who the ‘traitors’ are and vote them out of the game.

Where to watch The Traitors with celebs in the UK and abroad

The Traitors with celebrities will most likely stream on BBC iPlayer. Both seasons of The Traitors UK are now available on the service.

To watch them outside the UK, you must use a VPN (virtual private network). The service allows you to bypass regional restrictions and access foreign websites.

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