Android 15 will automatically re-enable Bluetooth after you switch it offon April 18, 2024 at 09:41 Tech Advisor


When you turn off an option in Settings, you expect it to stay that way until you decide to turn it back on. But that might not be the case for everything on Android soon.

Android Authority reports that the upcoming Android 15 will have an automatic feature to activate Bluetooth when you turn it off. Among the operating system’s lines of code is the phrase “turn_on_bluetooth_auto tomorrow”.

Google’s upcoming “Find My Device” network seems to be one of the reasons for the automatic reactivation of Bluetooth. The network will use the Bluetooth from all available Android devices to search for lost devices in the vicinity.

A new warning box will also announce that the Quick Share feature will also only work if Bluetooth is running.

However, there seems to be an option to turn off the automatic reactivation of Bluetooth. The feature is mainly intended for Android 15, but it is possible that Google will also launch it on other versions of the operating system.

In other Android software news, Samsung’s Galaxy AI features are coming to lots more devices.

This article was originally published in Swedish on Translation by Anyron Copeman.

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