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The Ultion Nuki Plus, the upgraded smart lock built for British doors, is now Matter friendly. Hello Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition.

Matter is the smart home standard designed to make connected devices from different brands interoperable. There’s more information about the protocol in our explainer.

The Matter Edition has some other new features as well, including a new and more secure 3-star Euro Cylinder lock. If someone tries to force the lock, a new LockDown Mode will be triggered.

The new lock should be even easier to control and integrate into a smart home set-up and it’s more secure, with a combination of low-power mesh technology to keep your network stable, and AES encryption backed up by banking standard cryptography.

Like the previous Nuki Plus model, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi and a rechargeable battery. The hardware design is the same as the previous Plus model: it’s available in either black or white, with an aluminium control element.

You can pre-order the new Ultion Nuki Plus Matter Edition from Ultion from today. It’s priced from £379. If you already own a Nuki or Nuki Plus, you may be eligible for an upgrade special offer, but you’ll need to contact Ultion to find out more.

Both the Plus and Plus Matter Edition have inbuilt Wi-Fi. This will allow you to unlock your door remotely. It also means you can check on its status when out and reassure yourself that, yes, you did remember to lock the door before you left home.

These features were available on the original lock but only if you bought the Nuki Bridge separately (£89 from Nuki).

Both models also feature the upgraded battery. When the battery runs low, you just eject the pack from the lock, plug it in straight into a USB-C lead and it’ll recharge in 4-5 hours. You’ll get plenty of warning in the app when the battery is running low, and most people just lock their door in the evening and charge the battery overnight.

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The Ultion Nuki Plus and Plus Matter Edition are compatible with major smart home platforms, including Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT, allowing you to do things like open or lock your door with a voice command (plus – for obvious security reasons – a PIN code). They also works with apps including Ring and Airbnb. Airbnb hosts can cut down on admin and hassle by choosing to automatically send an electronic key to guests when they book.

Owners can also issue time-specific digital keys to friends and family and will get a notification when they open or close the door.

In terms of the Ultion hardware, it has a 3-Star Plus Diamond Sold Secure rating, which means it’s been tested above and beyond requirements for TS007 and has passed inspection by the Master Locksmiths Association.

Both the Plus and Plus Matter Edition can’t be seen from the outside. Not only does this provide a security boost but it makes it a good choice for period homes where an ultra-modern lock might look out of place. You can keep your current door handle, or choose from one of the seven options Ultion provides.

It’s made to be fitted in place of a standard lock – and installation can be completed by the owner, in just 5-10 minutes. No drilling or wiring is required: Ultion says it’s a matter of changing three screws.

To widen its functionality, the Ultion Nuki Plus and Plus Matter are compatible with accessories including a fingerprint recognition keypad (£145, Nuki), the Ultion Keytag with Apple Find My (£39, Ultion) and a Bluetooth fob (£49, Nuki).

We’ve tested the original Ultion Nuki. Find out what we thought of it in our comprehensive review.

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