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Honor launched back in 2013 as a sub-brand of Huawei, and made a name for itself with a string of low cost, high value handsets.

But that ground to a halt six years later, when the US government banned Huawei from trading with US companies. With no access to any Google apps (including the all-important Play Store), Honor became its own independent company soon after.

Since then, the firm has changed strategy slightly. While there are still a few affordable Honor handsets, we’ve also seen the company start making flagship phones and foldables.

As a result, there are now plenty of great Honor phones available in Europe. But the company still doesn’t sell its devices in North America, so your best bet will be to try and import one.

Best Honor phones 2023

1. Honor Magic 5 Pro – Best Honor phone


One of the best displays in any phone

Excellent battery life

Powerful triple camera


Uneven performance


The Magic 5 Pro is proof that the flagship form Honor found in 2022’s Magic 4 Pro was no fluke.

On display and battery life this phone can duke it out with the best, and the camera does enough to earn its place in that conversation too.

It’s strange that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset runs a little cold compared to other 2023 flagships, and the striking design certainly won’t win everyone over.

This is an expensive phone by any measure, but if you can afford it then this is the best handset Honor makes.

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2. Honor Magic Vs – Best Honor foldable


Cheaper than Samsung’s foldable

Closes fully flat

Comfortable to use when closed

Great main camera


No water-resistance

No wireless charging

Unpolished software

Disappointing ultrawide camera

The Magic Vs is Honor’s second-generation foldable, but it’s a much more polished effort than the first – and, unlike that phone, it’s gone on sale in various countries around the world.

With a price that undercuts both Samsung and Google, this is affordable by foldable standards. The hardware is still slick though, closing flatter than its Korean rival and packing a more powerful main camera.

You’ll have to live without water-proofing or wireless charging though, and Honor’s software doesn’t make the most of the form factor, not even using Android’s built-in foldable features. Hopefully that will improve with time, making this a genuine contender among foldable phones.

Honor has since launched a successor in the Magic V2, but it’s currently only available in China.

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3. Honor 90 – Best mid-range


Class-leading display

Decent main camera

Loads of storage

Good battery life


Cheap, plasticky feel

No wireless charging

Only promised two Android updates

The Honor 90 is a capable mid-range option, especially for those tempted by the excellent display – among the best at the price – or the prospect of getting up to 512GB of storage at an affordable price.

Elsewhere, the phone impresses a little less. Decent cameras and solid performance are welcome but to be expected at this price, while the glass back feels cheap and more like plastic.

It suffers from the same awkward software and limited long-term support as other Honor phones, but those are easier to put up with at this phone’s more affordable mid-range price point.

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4. Honor Magic 5 Lite – Best design


Beautiful, refined design

Strong battery life

Accurate OLED display


Outdated chipset

No bundled charger

Mono speaker

The Magic 5 Lite is an affordable mid-ranger that excels most of all in how it looks, with a sleek, slender design that could belong to a phone at least twice its price.

Brilliant battery life helps the phone stand out too, though it’s let down a little by an older chipset (the same found in the older Magic 4 Lite, below), slow charging (with no charger in the box), and a camera that’s good but not great.

Still, if you want a phone that looks and feels like a flagship for a fraction of the cost, you could do an awful lot worse.

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5. Honor 70 – Excellent and affordable


Lovely design

Strong camera performance

Good battery life

Curved OLED 120Hz screen


Poor software update promise

No waterproofing

The Honor 70 is an accomplished mid-range phone.

It features a thoughtful and attractive design, strong performance and good battery life, making it one of the better phones in this price range.

The cameras are also very good for the price, and the 120Hz OLED display is a joy to use.

However, several other mid-range phones offer slightly more for your money. And the real weakness is software, with a cluttered user experience and limited support with updates.

That doesn’t mean you should rule out the Honor 70, though – it’s still a solid choice.

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6. Honor Magic 4 Pro – Impressive 2022 flagship


Powerful performance

Beautiful display

Excellent camera

Full Google support


Only 2 years of Android updates

Unreliable with 3rd-party chargers

The Magic 4 Pro is a full-on flagship, with top specs in almost every respect.

That means a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, a 120Hz LTPO OLED display, and incredibly fast charging: 100W wired and wireless. The camera is committed too, with a triple lens setup including a powerful 64Mp periscope lens.

Still, this isn’t a perfect phone. There’s no IP rating, unlike some similarly priced rivals, and small flaws frustrate, like unreliable performance with unofficial chargers. Compared to other flagships, Honor’s commitment to only two years of software updates can’t quite compete either.

This is the most impressive phone Honor makes though, and with strong specs and a competitive price it’s well worth considering.

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7. Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G – Solid cheap 5G option


66W charging

Big 120Hz display

Cheap 5G


Android 11

Inconsistent cameras

LCD screen

The Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G – also known as the X9 5G in some markets – is an impressive 5G device when it comes to performance.

There’s a lot to like. The battery life is good, the screen is huge, and it offers solid performance alongside its 5G connectivity.

It’s a shame that huge screen is LCD rather than OLED, but at this prices compromises have to come somewhere, and that’s the trade-off made for a 120Hz refresh rate. Inconsistent cameras hold it back a little further, as does the limited software support, but overall this is still a capable cheap mid-ranger.

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8. Honor 50 – Older, but stunning design


Slim and light

Beautiful display

Full Google support


No waterproofing

Mixed camera performance

The Honor 50 was the company’s first phone to get a global release since going independent, and also the first to feature Google support. It was a great buy at launch, though it’s hard to recommend now, despite frequent discounts.

The design and display are the biggest selling points here – the Honor 50 looks and feels great, and it’s both slim (7.8mm) and light (175g). The curved 120Hz OLED display is also one of the best you’ll find in any phone at this price.

The 108Mp rear camera is pretty strong, though the other rear lenses disappoint a bit. The selfie camera is still good though, and at 32Mp it’s one of the higher-resolution front-facing cameras around.

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9. Honor 50 Lite – Cheap and fast charging


66W charging

Big display


No 5G

60Hz screen

The Honor 50 Lite is a chunk cheaper than the regular Honor 50. If you can afford the upgrade it’s worthwhile, but if not, the 50 Lite isn’t a bad option.

The large 6.67-inch display is welcome at this price point (even if it only has a 60Hz refresh rate), and you’re also getting a decent 64Mp main rear camera and fast 66W charging which is genuinely impressive at this price point.

There’s no 5G support, and the design isn’t a match for its sibling, but for the price this really isn’t too shabby.

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