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Although it has a whopping 15-litre capacity, rotisserie capability and smart features to recommend it, the Proscenic T31’s huge size means that most people just won’t have the space for it. If you’re looking for an alternative to an inbuilt oven, however, this could be for you.

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Proscenic is a smart home and appliances brand with a range of affordable products, including robot vacuums, cordless vacuums and air fryers. We previously tested the T21 air fryer, a traditional single drawer, digital model that offers a twist in the form of smart features.

This time around, Proscenic has come up with something a little different. The T13 is a large capacity (15 litre) digital model with an oven-style door. It comes with a host of rotisserie accessories. Like Proscenic’s T21 and T22 models, it’s also app-compatible. The smart features let you control it remotely and will give you access to a library of recipes.

But it’s not cheap and it is massive. So, should you make space for the Proscenic T31 in your kitchen?

Read on for our full review.

Design and Build

47.6 x 42 x 43cm size

15 litre capacity

There’s no two ways about it, the Proscenic T31 isn’t your typical air fryer – it’s the air fryer that ate all the others. At 47.6 x 42 x 43cm, it’ll dominate any kitchen countertop. If you have limited counter space, you’ll struggle to find room for it unless you intend it as a main oven.

If you’re just after something that can quickly cook vegetables or make chips, there are other, cheaper options that will more closely meet your needs. But if you’re looking at the T31, it’s likely that you have more in mind.

Although it’s a monster, it’s a monster for a reason. It’s large enough to cook a whole chicken, has a rotisserie function and comes with a rotisserie basket, tongs, skewers, a rotisserie fork, drip pan and cooking tray.

Then there are the tech features. It has programmable functions and smart controls via the Proscenic app. On paper, there’s not much the T31 can’t do. It’s less an air fryer than an oven replacement.

But just because the makers have packed more in, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worth the outlay in price. The unit itself is constructed from a mix of plastic and metal, but it’s mostly glossy plastic that has a love affair with fingerprints. Its main control knob feels a little flimsy, and the touch controls take a firm press to activate.

None of this is a deal breaker, but it’s worth acknowledging. It doesn’t feel like a premium appliance the way a Ninja does.

Inside the oven, there’s space for two oven racks and a drip tray by default. The door swings easily, and we were impressed by the degree of insulation that the oven offers. If you’re preparing a number of different dishes, the T31 can keep food warm for a long time without active heating being required.

So while we might quibble with its design, we were more impressed with the functionality.


Performance and Features

Max temperature of 205°C

1700W appliance

So what’s the T31 like to use? The air fryer function is as described: it cooks food fast and efficiently. The standard oven option again heated up and cooked faster than an inbuilt oven.

It doesn’t have the capacity for a lavish meal for five people, but if you have a toddler and need to whip up a quick lunch, or are cooking for yourself and your partner, it works very well.

One flaw is its maximum temperature, which at 205°C is enough for many situations but not enough to, say, quickly cook a pizza. Larger portions can therefore become a problem too, with a big basket of chips taking 45 minutes to cook fully. The end result was worth the effort, but it does illustrate that for some types of cooking, it’s not necessarily faster than a standard oven.

And, as it’s a 1700W appliance, that longer cooking time means you won’t make the same energy savings that you would with a more compact, less power-hungry air fryer.

When it came to using the the rotisserie basket, we found it quite difficult to easily fit in. It’s a tight squeeze into a small space, and if that space is also hot, you’ll get burned – so plan accordingly.

The app is characteristic of Proscenic: it’s feature-filled but unfocused, with some strange translation choices. You can switch the oven on, control the temperature, programme and more remotely, which is useful if you need to be in another room.

There’s a host of recipes included, but they are for all of Proscenic’s air fryers, so finding those to make the most of the T31’s unique accessories takes a little while. We also found that the app could be quite slow to reload and update.

Price and Availability

The Proscenic T31 has an RRP of £179 but it’s currently available to buy from Amazon UK for £159. At the time of writing, substantial further savings are available in the form of a voucher deal. You just need to check the box on the product page to get it.

The T31 is not yet available in the US.

While it does more than a standard air fryer, the question is whether the extra functionality is worth the extra outlay. If you can do without the smart features, the Breville Halo Air Fryer and Rotisserie Oven has the same feature set, good build quality and is available for around £100.

And when compared to other high-quality multi-cookers, like the Ninja Speedi or the Instant Pot Duo Crisp, both of which cost less or the same and do much more, it becomes harder to recommend.

Should you buy the Proscenic T31 air fryer oven?

The Proscenic T31 goes a step further than a traditional air fryer by being a fully functioning smart oven. If you’re looking for a standalone appliance to replace an inbuilt cooker, it’s a good buy. But for most people – who don’t need a second oven – it just won’t earn the large amount of counter space it requires.

For more air fryer buying options and to see our top recommendations, have a look at our round-up of the best air fryers we’ve tested.

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