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A PDF editor is a software application that creates, edits, and modifies your PDF documents. Originally designed to read PDFs, PDF editors now come with a wide array of features, such as removing or adding text and images, annotating PDFs with comments and highlights, and removing watermarks. Also, PDF editors can convert PDF files to numerous formats. 

However, numerous PDF editors are available, such as the famous Adobe Acrobat, Foxit, and UPDF Editor. While Adobe is more known, UPDF is a hidden gem you want to discover. It is a versatile and powerful PDF editing solution for PC, macOS, iOS, iPad, and Android users; it is an all-in-one PDF editor that supports reading, annotating, editing, syncing, converting, encrypting, signing, and organizing PDFs.

The UPDF PDF editor stands out from other PDF editors thanks to its many features, the most noticeable being its seamless integration of ChatGPT-powered functionalities. This feature enables users to translate, summarize, and explain PDFs effortlessly.

And surprisingly, you can access this editor across multiple devices with a single license. As a Techadvisor reader, you can also enjoy a special offer of 63% off on UPDF PRO. Continue reading for more discount details at the end of this blog post.

Key Features of UPDF Editor 

Edit and Sync PDFs across Devices for Seamless Workflow

In addition to editing text, images, links, header, and footer on Mac and Windows, UPDF supports editing text and images on iOS, iPad, and Android. With the UPDF Cloud feature, users can sync PDFs across multiple platforms.


This means you can sync edited PDF files on your PC with UPDF to your phone or other devices without worrying about loss of data or changes made. This feature is very convenient for syncing school materials to a phone and laptop or work data across multiple devices at work and home.

Read and Annotate PDFs

This UPDF feature allows users to open, read PDFs, annotate, review, highlight, and comment collaboratively on PDF files.

It is built with a straightforward, user-friendly interface that is perfect for reading PDF content without distortion. Users can view PDF documents in a single-page view, two-page view, and dark mode.


This PDF editor also provides a set of annotation tools enabling users to interact with their PDFs fully with no limitations.

What you can do includes:

Highlight important texts or sections

Underlined or strikethrough texts on a PDF for emphasis, changes, or removals

Add shapes like circles and lines to emphasize

Add signatures in cases of professional documents or to personalize your PDF file

Add comments while reading through PDF files

There is also a slideshow feature where you can easily display a PDF as a slideshow.

Convert PDFs to and from Other Formats

By dragging and dropping or importing PDF files to UPDF, the UPDF converting interface converts PDFs to other formats and other formats to PDFs. 

UPDF Converts PDFs to the following formats:

Word: You can convert PDFs to a Microsoft Word Document (DOC or DOCX formats)

Excel: PDFs can be converted to Excel formats (XLS or XLSX formats) to extract tabular data and perform data analysis

Image formats: Convert PDFs to image formats such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF to extract images from a PDF

Powerpoint: Convert PDF content to presentation formats (PPT or PPTX formats)

Text: Converts Text to plain text (TXT) or rich text (RTF) files

HTML: Convert PDF content to HTML

You can also convert PDF to other formats such as CSV, XML, GIF, and BMP. 

UPDF supports creating PDFs from: 

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Image files      

Protect PDFs for Secure Document Handling

One of the primary methods of safeguarding PDFs is by establishing a password, and with UPDF, users can set a “Permission Password” and an “Open Password” to the PDF to safeguard the PDF file from being printed, duplicated, or modified.


Open Password: Establish an Open password to restrict entry to the PDF file. 

Permission Password: Generate a Permission password to restrict the actions on the PDF, such as printing, duplicating, or modifying.  

Arrange and Oversee PDF Pages

Users can use this feature to arrange the pages within a PDF document efficiently. With UPDF, you can effortlessly rearrange pages to personalize the structure of your PDF, rotate PDF pages with inaccurate orientation, or accommodate more texts. 

You can also divide a single PDF into multiple PDFs, which comes in handy if you desire a specific chapter or section from a lengthy PDF file. 

Other available tasks include:

Removing unwanted pages.

Inserting pages.

Extracting a page or pages.

Replacing PDF document pages. 

Establish Fillable PDF Forms


This feature empowers users to append form fields to a PDF document, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, etc. Fillable PDFs created on UPDF can be accessed on web browsers such as Chrome and Safari or effortlessly shared through links.

Perform OCR on PDF

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables users to convert images in PDFs to searchable texts, as it recognizes texts within images. It comes in handy when you have scanned PDFs you can’t edit. UPDF can accurately convert into searchable and editable text. This is a rare feature you will hardly come across in other PDF readers.


Translate, Summarize, and Explain PDFs with UPDF AI

UPDF Editor is powered by ChatGPT, an advanced AI model that enhances its editing prowess, interactive features, and AI capabilities. It offers numerous benefits, which are:

Automatic Translation of PDF

This feature of UPDF comes in handy when working with PDFs in a different language you are unfamiliar with, as UPDF can automatically translate different languages efficiently.

Summarization and Extraction of Essential Information

The ChatGPT-powered features included in UPDF also automatically summarize PDFs and extract essential information, allowing you to get a summarized version of a lengthy PDF. UPDF AI produces in-depth summaries quickly and accurately.

AI-Assisted Writing, Rewriting, And Proofreading Capabilities

The UPDF Editor’s AI features also come in handy with writing, rewriting, and proofreading PDF documents. It explains terms, improves sentences, and assists in correcting grammatical and spelling errors, enhancing the quality of PDF documents.

Here is a table to compare UPDF and the world’s leading Adobe Acrobat:

ComparisonUPDFAdobe Acrobat StandardAdobe Acrobat ProPricing$26.99/Year $41.99/Perpetual$155.88/year$239.88/yearWork on systemsWindows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidWindows onlyWindows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidFeaturesUPDFAdobe Acrobat StandardAdobe Acrobat ProRead PDFOpen and read PDFs✅✅✅Display a PDF as a slideshow✅❌❌Annotate PDFHighlight/Strikethrough/Underline/Text Comment/Text Box/Text Callout/Sticky Note✅✅✅100+ Stickers✅❌❌Edit PDFEdit text/images/links in PDF✅✅✅Add rich text by dragging and dropping✅❌❌Convert PDFConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, RTF, HTML, XML, and Images (PNG, JPEG, TIFF)✅✅✅Convert PDF to CSV, BMP, GIF✅ ❌❌OCRConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Text, RTF, HTML, XML, and Images (PNG, JPEG, TIFF)✅❌✅Other FeaturesCreate PDFs✅✅✅Compress PDFs✅✅✅Protect PDFs✅✅✅Create a Fillable PDF Form✅✅✅Perform OCR on PDF✅❌✅

Highlights of UPDF Editor

1. Cross-Platform Support. It is easily accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. This cross-platform support ensures users seamlessly sync their documents across various devices without any information.

2. Integrated with AI. UPDF Editor utilizes the power of AI to enhance the overall PDF processing capabilities. It can efficiently process PDFs, summarize, translate, and explain PDFs with UPDF AI, providing users with advanced tools for proper document management.

3. Cost-Effective. Looking to save money while still getting top-notch results? Consider purchasing the UPDF PDF editor through the annual subscription ($26.99) or lifetime membership program ($41.99) after discount. It is an excellent choice for individuals and organizations, as it offers top-notch features with affordable prices.

4. Regular Product Updates. With innovative capabilities added continuously, UPDF Editor ensures users receive the latest and greatest software updates. UPDF is highly committed to regular upgrades to improve users’ experience.

A Special Offer for Tech Advisor Readers: 63% off with Prizes

PDF editing is streamlined thanks to UPDF Editor’s intuitive interface and robust set of tools, such as the UPDF AI, multiple device synching, annotation, PDF conversion, password security, and OCR. It is one of the best PDF editors, offering top-notch features and affordable prices.

As mentioned earlier, there is a discount for Tech Advisor readers: up to 63% discount for Techadvisor readers to get UPDF Pro. With the discount, users will only pay $26.99 for the annual subscription and $41.99 for the perpetual license. And with just this single UPDF license, you can link up to four devices.


Additionally, for customer satisfaction, UPDF offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so subscribers can request a refund if unsatisfied with the program.

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