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The Boys is undoubtedly one of the most exciting series in the superhero genre: funny, bloody and subversive. The show is a smash hit at Prime Video, so it’s no surprise that there is now a spin-off series about young supes on the way.

Gen V covers the story of upcoming superheroes who attend a prestigious college sponsored by the Vought corporation. Anyone who is a fan of the original series will know that elite students in an institution controlled by Vought cannot end well.

Find out when Gen V will drop on Prime Video, what it will be about and who will star in the series.

Gen V release date

Gen V will hit Prime Video on Friday, 29 September 2023, with a three-episode premiere. A further five episodes will land weekly on the service.

Amazon Studios

Gen V plot

The main character of the series is 18-year-old Marie Moreau, who has the power to control her own blood and turn it into a weapon. Sounds silly? Well, The Boys universe is famous for its strange superpowers.

Smart and ambitious, Marie arrives at the prestigious Godolkin University and befriends her roommate, Emma Meyer, aka Little Cricket. Together, they begin to uncover the secrets of the Vought-funded college, which, as you can imagine, is fueled by greed and violence.

Regarding students, it’s worth mentioning fire-controlling Luke Riordan, aka Golden Boy, who has a good chance of joining The Seven. His best friend, Andre Anderson, is a metal bender, while his girlfriend, Cate Dunlap, can control anyone she touches.

Golden Boy’s main rival is gender-shifting Jordan Li, whose male form is indestructible and female form can attack with energy waves.

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The university authorities are just as intriguing. Indira Shetty, the Dean, has no powers, but she is an expert on superhero psychology, which makes her a valuable asset. Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff, on the other hand, is an ambitious lecturer, and his former students include A-Train, Queen Maeve and The Deep.

The series official synopsis reads:

Set in the diabolical world of The Boys, Gen V expands the universe to Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only college where students train to be the next generation of heroes—preferably with lucrative endorsements. You know what happens when supes go bad, but not all superheroes start out corrupt. Beyond the typical college chaos of finding oneself and partying, these kids are facing explosive situations … literally. As the students vie for popularity and good grades, it’s clear that the stakes are much higher when super powers are involved. When the group of young supes discover that something bigger and sinister is going on at school, they’re put to the test: Will they be the heroes or the villains of their stories?

Interestingly, Amazon has decided not to wait for the series to premiere and has already renewed Gen V for a second season. Let’s hope this is a good sign and the spin-off turns out to be as compelling as The Boys.

Amazon Studios

Gen V cast

The series features mainly young actors who will take on the roles of the students at Godolkin University :

Jaz Sinclair – blood-bending freshman Marie Moreau

Lizze Broadway – Emma Meyer, supe with shrinking power

Patrick Schwarzenegger – fire-controlling Luke Riordan, aka Golden Boy

Chance Perdomo – Andre Anderson, supe with magnetic powers

Derek Luh and London Thor – Jordan Li, a gender-shifter

Asa Germann – Sam, super-strong and invulnerable supe

Maddie Phillips – mind-controlling Cate Dunlap

The other cast members confirmed to appear:

Shelley Conn – school’s Dean, Indira Shetty

Sean Patrick Thomas – Andre’s father Polarity

Marco Pigossi – Doctor Edison Cardosa

Clancy Brown – Professor Rich “Brink” Brinkerhoff

Chace Crawford – The Deep

Jensen Ackles – Soldier Boy

Jessie T. Usher – A-Train

Claudia Doumit – Victoria Neuman

Colby Minifie – Ashley Barrett

P.J. Byrne – Adam Bourke

Gen V trailers

The first teaser promises loads of partying and a real bloodbath:

The second trailer dives deeper into the dark secrets of Godolkin University:

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