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So far in 2023, OnePlus has only launched one flagship phone: the OnePlus 11.

But as our 9/10 review shows, it’s a very impressive handset. Highlights include great Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 performance, solid triple rear cameras and an excellent display.

It’s good value for money and full price, but we can’t blame you for wanting to get it a bit cheaper. And with OnePlus confirming to Android Authority that there will be no OnePlus 11 Pro (or any Pro-branded phones from the company in the future), this is the phone to get.

Best OnePlus 11 deals in the US

In the US, there are some great offers at the moment:

Best Buy – $100 off 128GB, $150 off 256GB

OnePlus – $100 off 128GB, $150 off 256GB, free 125W charger and 6 months’ free Google One 100GB plan with either

Amazon – $100 off 128GB, $150 off 256GB

T-Mobile stocks the 10T, but OnePlus has confirmed that it won’t be selling the 11 (via CNET). All three major networks (also Verizon and AT&T) work with the phone, though only via a SIM-only contract.

Best OnePlus 11 deals in the UK

In the UK, there are also three unlocked retailers:

Amazon – £25 off 128GB, £54 off 256GB

Laptops Direct – £30 off 128GB, 256GB unavailable

OnePlus – no discounts, but 6 months’ free Google One 100GB plan (new subscribers only)

However, there is also one option on contract:

Vodafone (via Metrofone) – from £36 per month with £138.99 upfront for 250GB of 5G data (24-month contract)

Alternatively, you can buy the phone outright and pair it with a great SIM-only deal.

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Best OnePlus 11 prices right now

Our widget below shows where you can buy the OnePlus 11 SIM-free:


But if you’re looking to buy the phone on contract in the UK, see below:

When was the OnePlus 11 released?

After an initial announcement in China on 4 January 2023, the OnePlus 11 was launched globally on 7 February.

The phone was then released on 16 February. 

How much did the OnePlus 11 cost at launch?

As expected, the OnePlus 11 was slightly more more expensive than the 10T at launch. Here’s how much you can expect to pay at full price:

8GB RAM/128GB storage – $699/£729/€849 

12GB RAM/256GB storage – $799/£799/€919

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