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Moon Knight was a breath of fresh air for the MCU, with no connections to previous Marvel properties. With Oscar Issac in the leading role, this series follows a vigilante with multiple personalities who struggles to understand his powers and history. 

The series was generally well-received by fans, but will there be more of Moon Knight? We’ve rounded up everything we know about the future of the series. You can also check out the best shows and movies on Disney+ right now.

Will there be a second season of Moon Knight?

Moon Knight has not been confirmed for a season 2, but rumours suggest that Marc Spector’s story isn’t over yet. had an interview with Oscar Issac, who said the following: “There have been some specific conversations… They were pleasant. The spilling of the details it that there’s no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it.”

He continues: “Truthfully, it’s about the story. Is there a story worth telling? Is it interesting? Will I feel embarrassed about it when it comes out?”

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige also gave the following quote to Culture Slate: “I’m very proud of the Ms. Marvel show. I also know – and this is a spoiler – she essentially steals The Marvels… It makes me excited that people will, I hope, see that movie and then go back and revisit those shows on Disney+.

The fun thing about streaming is they are there forever, and people can keep re-exploring them. Moon Knight, same thing. I think there’s a future for that character as we move forward.”

To add further speculation, executive producer Mohamed Diab sent out a TikTok showing himself and Oscar Issac in Cairo. However, a second season has not been officially confirmed by Disney/Marvel.

It could also just be a joke from the crew – though we’re hoping that’s not the case.

Prior to this, Diab told Deadline the following: “Marvel doesn’t go with a conventional way, so even if they like the character and want to extend the world, it could be season 2, it could be a standalone film, or he can join another superhero’s journey”. 

There was further fuel added to the fire when somebody spotted that the official Marvel Studios Twitter account deleted a tweet that stated that the final episode was the ‘series finale’, and changed it to ‘season finale’. However, this could just be a grammatical error. 

oh my @MarvelStudios, deleted the tweet that said “SERIES FINALE” are changed it to “SEASON FINALE”. Please tell me we getting a season 2!!!!! I need more Oscar Isaac, more more more!! #moonknight

— Kellie McDixon💫 (@kellie_dixon) May 2, 2022

Conversely, the show was submitted in the ‘Limited Series’ category at the Emmys, which would indicate that Moon Knight is a standalone show.

Now, rumours on a subreddit that has had credible leaks in the past claim that Moon Knight season 2 will release before Avengers: Secret Wars. This film is currently due to release on 5 May 2026, and will round off Phase 6.

There are still plenty of empty slots in this phase, so a second season of Moon Knight could make sense during this time period.

Marvel is likely seeing the reaction to the show, and weighing up the future of Stephen Grant/Marc Spector. Once we know more, we’ll update this article. 

Spoilers for the ending of Moon Knight ahead.

Moon Knight ending explained – Who is Jake Lockley?

If you watched the series right to the end (post-credits and all), you’ll know that there was a huge reveal at the end of the series. It seemed like Marc and Stephen had found a common ground and learned to work with one another.

However, Marc’s brain is much more damaged than he ever realised – because there is a third personality inside his head called Jake Lockley. 

Jake is a taxi driver in the comics, and in the show, he is a ruthless, Spanish-speaking killer who appears to have a good relationship with Khonshu – despite Marc and Stephen severing ties with the god. 

Jake put an end to Arthur Harrow by shooting him in the head, and we’ve seen in other blackouts throughout the show that the man has no qualms about brutally taking care of his enemies. However, how will Marc and Stephen react to this third persona’s presence? And what does this mean for their relationship with Khonshu?

There are plenty of avenues to explore should Moon Knight get picked up for a second season, or a spin-off movie. 

How can I watch Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is a Disney Plus exclusive, which means you can only watch it on there. At the time of writing, Disney+ costs £7.99/$10.99 per month for a rolling subscription and £79.90/$109.99 for an annual pass. American subscribers can also get a cheaper, ad-supported subscription for $7.99 per month

You can sign up for Disney+ here.

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