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The middle of May isn’t a typical time to think about buying a smart thermostat as you’ve probably turned off your heating already.  

However, if you’ve been mulling over the idea of investing in one to help save money on your heating bills, there’s a great deal on at Screwfix right now.  

There’s 35% off the Drayton Wiser Heating & Hot Water kit, bringing it down from £154.99 to only £99.99. 

This is ideal if you have a boiler and separate hot water tank and would need a thermostat that can control both. If you have a combi boiler instead, you could opt for the single-channel kit that controls heating only, but that’s also discounted to £99.99, so it’s no cheaper. 

There’s support for heat pumps as well, if you’ve swapped out your boiler already. 

Get 35% off a Drayon Wiser smart thermostat

The kit comes with a colour-screen thermostat and a hub unit that connects to your boiler – and your Wi-Fi.  

This means you can install the Wiser app and control your heating from your phone, even if you’re not at home. You can even adjust the temperature with Alexa or Google Assistant. 

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The advantage of opting for the Wiser system over, say, a Nest thermostat, is that it’s expandable if you want to control zones. That’s because you can buy smart radiator thermostats, allowing the system to heat only the rooms you need, and save money by not heating all rooms all the time the heating is on. 

You can also get smart plugs to control electrical devices such as lights, heaters or anything else that plugs into the mains, all from one app. 

Wiser now offers an underfloor heating controller too, but there’s also a Electrical Heat Switch which can control underfloor heating plus any electric heaters or towel rails you may have. See the full Wiser range, and  

Wiser supports up to 16 individual zones and reckons it can save you up to £575 on your annual energy bills. 

For more, you can read our full review of the Wiser smart heating system and our complete guide to the best smart thermostats

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