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The first season of Sonic Prime on Netflix was widely praised by critics and audiences alike as being a great adaptation of the speedy blue hedgehog’s story. Now, the show is coming back for more.

Netflix has been investing a lot into various video game adaptations lately, with shows planned for Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Sonic Prime. You can also check out the best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now. We also have a similar article for the live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last AirBender on Netflix

Sonic Prime season 2 release date

Netflix has confirmed that season 2 of Sonic Prime will arrive on 13 July 2023.

Ready to re-enter the Shatterverse? Sonic Prime returns on July 13th!

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) May 17, 2023

The show will allegedly have 24 episodes in total, split across three seasons. All eight episodes of season 2 are expected to drop at once, like they did in the first season.

Sonic Prime season 2 trailers and posters

There isn’t yet a trailer for Sonic Prime season 2. However, there is a still of Sonic and Shadow, which indicates that the pair will get in yet another fight:

Season 2 of #SonicPrime will premiere on Netflix July 13. #SonicNews

— Tails’ Channel (@TailsChannel) May 17, 2023

Sonic Prime cast and crew – who is returning?

We expect that all the cast from first season will return. That means Deven Mack voicing the lead hedgehog, Sonic, and Ashleigh Ball returning to play his trusty sidekick Tails. Amy is once again played by Shannon Chan-Kent, and Knuckles is voiced by Adam Narada.

Also in the cast is Brian Drummond as Eggman, Vincent Tong as Shadow and Kazumi Evans as Rouge.

In case you missed it: here’s the list of cast members confirmed for #SonicPrime, per @netflix. #SonicNews

— Tails’ Channel (@TailsChannel) May 3, 2022

None of the actors from the games or movies are appearing in Sonic Prime. Allegedly, this is due to it being a Canadian production, and as such the voice actors hired have been those who live in this country. 

Sonic Prime season 2 plot

Spoilers for season 1 of Sonic Prime ahead

After breaking the boundaries between the Shatterverse, Sonic went travelling across numerous worlds to try and save his friends and return everything to normal by collecting the shards he broke in the first place.

During this time, he went to New Yoke City, a cyberpunk world where Eggman reigned supreme, a jungle world (Boscage Maze) where nature was out of control, and a pirate world.

In this land, Sonic came to a showdown with Rusty Rose – the Cyborg counterpart of the cheery hammer-wielding hedgehog, Amy Rose. Rusty was under the command of the Chaos Council – AKA, multiple versions of Eggman.

Along with his pirate multiverse friends, Sonic managed to subdue Rusty. However, he was absorbed into one of the shards, where he encountered Shadow from the original world. The series ended with Sonic stuck in limbo in the Shatterverse, fighting Shadow.

Stills from season 2 confirm that Sonic will manage to travel back to the pirate world, though it appears Shadow also has his own agenda which is still unclear. He also possessed a Chaos Emerald, which could be dangerous should any member of the Chaos Council get their hands on it.

We expect that Sonic will return to New Yoke City to face the Chaos Council, and try to turn Rusty Rose over to the good side – though this may be tricky, considering she completely roboticized. We may also learn more about Sonic’s relationships with his friends, as he starts to discover more about himself and the mistakes he’s made that led him into this mess.

Executive producer Logan McPherson told What’s on Netflix the following: “The story continues to build and stretches Sonic to his limits both physically and emotionally, so you can expect a wild ride and a lot of fun to come!!”

We should learn more when the first trailer for the series drops later this year.

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