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Disney+ now has a new, cheaper, ad-supported tier. However, how much does it cost, what countries is it available in and what does it entail? We have answered all these questions below and will update it with the latest information.

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When is the Disney+ ad-supported tier launching?

The new ad-supported tier is out now in the US. It will then roll out globally in 2023 – with the exact months to be confirmed.

In an earnings call in May 2023, CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the company would “launch our ad tier on Disney+ in Europe by the end of this calendar year”.

What countries is the Disney+ ad-supported tier available in?

Currently, the only country with the Disney+ ad-supported tier is the US. However, Disney did state that it will roll out globally in 2023.

As the UK is a key market for Disney+, we imagine that it will be available here.

How much does the Disney+ ad-supported tier cost?

The new ad-supported tier has replaced the current standard cost of Disney+ – so $7.99 per month. There is no annual plan offered.

Here are the new costs of Disney+ in America:

Disney+ ad-free monthly subscription: Increased from $7.99 per month to $10.99 per month Disney+ ad-free annual subscription: Increased from $79.99 per year to $109.99 per year Disney+ ad-supported monthly subscription: $7.99 per month (no annual option offered)

As the current UK prices are similar to America’s old prices, we expect the new ad-supported tier to cost £7.99 per month in the UK, and for prices on the ad-free plans to increase to £10.99 per month and £109.99 per year.

What do the ads on Disney+ look like?

Disney has confirmed that it will aim to average four minutes of advertising per hour – an amount that significantly undercuts traditional broadcast TV, as well as other streaming platform rivals such as Peacock and HBO Max.

The platform will not run any ads related to politics or alcohol, nor will it accept advertising from any other rival studios.

Any profiles that are set up for children of pre-school age will not have any adverts at all and shows designed for audiences of this age will be reviewed accordingly.

No downloads are available on the ad-supported tier.

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