Biamp’s Parlé, and the need to design a better remote conference roomon April 28, 2023 at 12:48 Computerworld


Biamp recently sent me the company’s relatively new Parlé conferencing bar; it’s arguably the best I’ve tested (and since it’s also one of the most expensive at $2,500, it should be). But in the post-pandemic, hybrid work world in which we live, it may be a hardware solution that answers the wrong question.

The world has changed, and conference room solutions need to change with it. Conferencing bars are great for someone who is making a presention remotely, but they’re less useful when most of the people in a meeting are remote. We need to consider a different approach to engage remote employees need, particularly Generation Z employees who have wholly different views of how work should be done  are particularly at risk when they are remote.

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