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The Mario movie is officially here, with more Toads and classic game catchphrases than you can shake a stick at.  

The film stars Chris Pratt as the voice of our Italian American hero, Mario, who gets sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom. He must team up with Princess Peach to save his brother Luigi from the clutches of the evil overlord, Bowser.  

Many outlets are predicting that the Mario movie will be a smash hit at the cinemas, with it being such a popular game franchise and having little competition from other kids’ movies. However, when will it be available to watch at home? 

Here is what we know so far. You can also check out our post-credits guide to the Mario movie.  

When will the Mario movie be available to stream? 

Illumination/Nintendo have not confirmed when the Mario movie will be available to stream. That said, previous films from the animation studio such as Minions: The Rise of Gru have taken around three months after releasing to cinemas to come to the streaming service, Peacock.  

If we looked at a similar time frame for Mario, we could expect to see it available to stream sometime around June or July of this year.  

We would expect it to arrive on Peacock, which is a US-exclusive standalone streaming service – account costs start from $4.99 per month. UK viewers can access some content there, but only via Now. However, we don’t yet know if Sky has the rights for streaming the film.  

In addition, Universal has a deal with Netflix that allows movies to arrive at least four months after they land on Peacock. Therefore, if you only subscribe to Netflix and don’t want to sign up for another service, then you’ll be waiting until around Fall 2023 for the Mario movie to possibly arrive.  

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When will the Mario movie be available on VOD? 

Again, no official VOD release date has been set, but most movies typically release for digital download before they land on a streaming service.  

With that in mind, we expect that the Mario movie will be released on VOD around May/June of this year – but this will depend on how well it does at the box office.  

When will the Mario movie be available on DVD/Blu-ray? 

It’s hard to determine when the physical release of the Mario movie will be without knowing the streaming and VOD release dates. If we had to estimate, we’d expect it to be sometime this Summer – but we will update this article when we know more.  

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