A forgotten Android personalization poweron April 6, 2023 at 10:00 Computerworld


Well, gang, it happened. Again.

I, an alleged human who lives and breathes all things Android, just realized I’d gone months without activating one of the platform’s most powerful and pleasant personalization options.

This time, though, I spotted a pattern.

Late last year, y’see, I moved into a new Android device — the perky and praiseworthy Pixel 7 Pro. And as part of that migration into a different digital home, I inadvertently left this bit of advanced customization behind.

It isn’t the first time, I now realize. Virtually every time I’ve moved into a new phone over the past few years, this same maddening slip has transpired. And virtually every time, it takes me anywhere from several weeks to the better part of a year to notice and then gently plop me palm against me noggin in frustration.

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