Xiaomi’s 300W charger can hit 100% in under five minuteson February 28, 2023 at 17:22 Tech Advisor


The super fast charging race hurtles on, and Xiaomi has just taken the lead with a 300W charging demo that shows a phone reaching 100% in less than five minutes. 

Previous efforts to get your phone charged quicker than ever included the 150W OnePlus 10T and the 210W Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition. Just the other week, Realme confirmed the GT Neo 5 as the world’s first commercially available phone with 240W charging and now the GT 3

It’s tough at the top and although it’s only in demo form at the moment, Xiaomi has taken the crown.

It makes a lot of sense as the Note 12 Discovery Edition was the first to break the 200W barrier and it’s a similar device here, albeit a modified version. In Redmi’s video, the Note 12 Pro+ has a slightly smaller 4100mAh battery instead of 4300mAh. 

The battery size has a big impact on charging, of course, but this is still insanely fast with the phone reaching 20% in just over a minute and 50% in just over two minutes. 

Redmi’s phone then hits 100% in four minutes and 54 seconds. The Realme GT Neo 5 takes around twice as long at 240W, however, this is with a larger 4600mAh battery. 

It’s worth noting that the demo takes place in a controlled environment and even then, the charger never actually hits the theoretical 300W maximum. It does reach 290W for a few seconds and maintains around 285W for a couple of minutes which is impressive.  

The main reason for that will be to keep things from overheating and Xiaomi says there are over 50 features built into the system to keep an eye on the current, voltage and temperature. 

What’s unclear is when this will be available in a phone and how it could impact things like the charging cycles of the device. It took Realme a year to release 240W charging so I wouldn’t get your hopes up on getting your hand on 300W this year. 


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