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LG has announced its range of OLED TVs for 2023 and there are several reasons why the G3 is the model that should be on your wish list.

Last year, the C2 was a surprise knock-out telly, bringing almost everything from the LG G2 but at a cheaper price. However, this year it’s the G3 that has leaped ahead in terms of upgrades.

The headline feature is a new WOLED panel which makes it up to 70% brighter than a conventional OLED TV. The W is for white, which means an additional white subpixel in addition to red, green and blue. The 70% is compared to the LG B3 rather than the G3’s predecessor, although compared to the G2 it’s still an impressive 30% brighter.

Meanwhile, the C3 is only 20% brighter than the B3 making for a big difference if you opt for the G3, especially if you watch a lot of HDR content.

This upgrade comes courtesy of LG Display and its 3rd generation MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology which has a new structure to ‘dramatically increase luminance’. LG also says it improves viewing angles by 30%.

WOLED technology also has another advantage over other types of OLED, particularly QD-OLED found in the Samsung S95B with LG claiming it is less susceptible to screen burn. So, you might be able to wave goodbye to that faint Netflix logo in the corner once and for all.


There is a caveat, though. Not all sizes of the G3 have this new super bright WOLED panel. It’s available on 55-, 65- and 77in but not the larger 83in model – that’s 30% brighter than conventional OLED. Once again, all are marketed as OLED evo.

Still, that’s great news for most buyers, especially in the UK where 83in is far too big anyway. The C3 has the same problem as its predecessor where the 42- and 48in sizes don’t get a lovely bright OLED evo panel.

You’ll see all this tech summed up a Brightness Booster Max (just Brightness Booster on the C3) and Super Anti Reflective coating is another reason to opt for the G3 this year as it aids sharpness and contrast. LG says it’s 25% less reflective compared to the LG C2.

This year, the G3 also has a new look which LG is calling One Wall Design (previously called Gallery Design). The TV is still crafted with wall-mounting in mind and now there’s ‘zero gap’ between the TV and the wall and an optional part of the stand will neatly suspend the new SC9 soundbar below.


Regardless which of these 4K OLED TVs you choose to buy, you’ll get the latest alpha9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 to power everything including webOS 23. This comes with a simplified interface that loads faster and has cards so you can group content just like you would have folders of apps on your phone.

There’s an improved quick settings menu and new features such as AI Picture Wizard, which helps you tune the picture to your liking if things like sharpness and gamma mean nothing. Also new are AI Super Upscaling, HDR Expression Mapper and Adaptive Sound Control.

Those wanting 8K OLED will have to look to the LG Z3 in the firm’s 2023 range while the B3 and A3 remain the entry-level options. Don’t forget there’s also the LG M3 coming later this year as a wireless option. It can transmit all its input from a box without wires so only needs mains power.

As usual, LG hasn’t confirmed pricing and release information for the 2023 TV range. If you want to buy a new TV right now, you’ll find recommendations in our roundup of the best TVs.

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