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If you’ve spent the winter monitoring your energy bills and wondering whether to invest in smart heating – now is the time to go for it. We’ve spotted a brilliant deal on Amazon combining some of the most sought-after smart home devices in one bundle.

In the deal, you’ll get a Tado V3+ wireless smart thermostat starter kit, including a stand, an Echo Show 5 (2nd gen, 2021 edition) and two Meross smart plugs. Get the deal now.

The deal price is £175.99, which is less than the usual price of the Tado smart thermostat alone – meaning you get £25 off the Tado V3+, plus the Echo Show 5 (worth £74.99) and a pair of Meross smart plugs (worth £29.98) absolutely free. And if you’re a Prime member, you’ll get next day delivery at no extra cost.

Get Tado bundle deal and save £129.97

The deal will be on until April. Bear in mind that if you shop around, you may be able to get individual items for less than their usual price – but the value in this bundle is still unbeatable.

It’s not available in the US, where the Tado smart thermostat isn’t for sale. However, we did see an Echo bundle deal on Amazon that’ll save you $30 on the Echo Dot 3rd Gen and two white Philips Hue A19 smart bulbs – essentially, you’ll get voice control of a pair of lights for under $50.

The Tado V3+ is one of the best smart thermostats around, with a full range of money-saving and energy-monitoring features. Some of the best are geofencing and open window detection. The geofencing feature links your mobile phone to your smart heating system. Whenever you leave the house, you’ll get an alert to turn off your heating so you never accidentally leave it on when the house is empty.


As you’d guess, open window detection means it’ll also alert you if you leave a door or window open. If you opt for Tado’s auto-assist subscription (£2.99 per month or £24.99 per year), instead of alerts, the heating will automatically be switched off when you leave the house or leave a window open.

There are additional features that’ll give you more information about your home and make it more pleasant to live in, such as air comfort, a dashboard on which you can see your home’s air temperature and humidity, as well as outside air conditions that may affect you, like the pollen count, air quality index, levels of particulate matter and more.

We gave the thermostat four out of five stars in our Tado V3+ review, which you might want to read to find out more and see if it’s right for you.

We also rated the Echo Show 5 highly. It’s an ideal size for a bedside table, although if space is at a premium you could use it in the kitchen, where the screen will come in handy to display recipes. It’s also useful for video calls and the 2mp sensor allows for HD video, so you’ll look a bit clearer onscreen.

Dominik Tomaszewski / Foundry

The audio is basic at best, but good enough to play a tune while you cook or chill out. And, of course, you can control your new Tado thermostat from the Echo 5, using a voice command to change the temperature.

The Meross smart plug allows you to turn dumb tech smart. Plug a lamp into it and you can schedule it to come on in the evenings – or when you’re away. It’ll also allow you to switch on devices using voice commands – and as you might guess by the fact that a pair of them are included in this bundle, it’s Alexa-compatible.

We haven’t reviewed the Meross smart plug but you can find out more about what smart plugs do and see some of the best we’ve tested in our smart plugs round-up.

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