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Apple added a premium smartwatch to its range for 2022. The Watch Ultra has a bigger screen than regular Apple Watch models (at 49mm) and – at the time it launched – had the brightest (at 2000 nits).

The reason for those specs is because it’s aimed at people needing a smart watch for extreme sports, where a larger, brighter screen is easier to see when you’re underwater or in bright sunshine.

As well as being rugged, it has all the features of the Watch Series 8 (which launched alongside the Ultra) including a body temperature sensor and motion sensors for detecting car crashes.

There’s a choice of straps but only one colour – titanium.

This keeps things simple and it means it’s much more obvious when discounts are available.

At the time of writing, Apple included three months’ access to its Fitness+ service with all Watch purchases, but some retailers add to that, and may also throw in a few months of Apple Music and Apple News+, which could tempt you to buy from them instead of going to Apple direct.

The Watch Ultra has built-in cellular, which means you can also get one from a mobile operator on a monthly contract. That could be the better option if you can’t afford to fork out the full price in one go. Having said that, Apple offers financing in the US, though, so you can opt to pay a small amount every month – effectively an interest-free loan.

If you do buy an Apple Watch Ultra on contract, remember you’ll need to have an iPhone 8 or later and that needs have a SIM from the same mobile operator. Also, a cheaper monthly price usually means a longer contract, so do check that if you think you’ve found a bargain.

Where to buy an Apple Watch Ultra in the US

Click the links to see the latest prices, but you’ll find live prices below those, where it should be easy to see who has the best deal on an Ultra.

AppleBest BuyAmazon




Where to buy an Apple Watch Ultra in the UK

The links below will take you straight to the Watch Ultra on those website, but above you’ll see live prices.

Mobile operators (UK)

Note: you need a compatible iPhone and a SIM (PAYG or pay monthly) from the same provider in order get an Apple Watch on contract


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