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The Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s second-gen, dual-screen folding phone. It’s the only device in the Surface range to run Android – now Android 12L, following a recent update.

No new Surface Duo was released in 2022, although we are expecting the Duo 3 later this year. It means the Duo 2 is still worth buying for a particular type of person – it’s a much better buy than at launch.

It’s also where you’ll see some hefty discounts – provided you can find stock. That’s been extremely limited since late 2022, with no guarantees it’ll return to normal levels. If you’re based in the US or UK, here’s everything you need to know.

Best Surface Duo 2 deals

Microsoft hasn’t officially discontinued the Surface Duo 2, but availability is extremely limited. The company described the Surface Duo as “an important part of the Surface portfolio” in a January 2023 statement to Windows Central, but didn’t make any commitments regarding Duo 2 stock.

If you can find stock, discounts are available at all the following retailers.


All the following US retailers have sold the device in recent months, but they’re currently out of stock if you want to buy new:

Microsoft Store – 128GB, 256GB and 512GBAmazon –  128GB and 256GBWalmart – 128GB and 256GBBest Buy – 128GB only


Microsoft Store – 128GB, 256GB and 512GBAmazon – 128GB only

You may want to consider buying one from eBay, but there’s always the risk of a dodgy deal.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Best prices right now

For the very latest information, check out our price comparison widget below:


Can you buy the Surface Duo 2 on contract?

The Surface Duo 2’s premium price makes buying the phone on contract an appealing alternative, but no network is stocking the phone in the US or UK.

EE did have the 128GB available for around a year in the UK, but it’s been removed from the site. No carriers have ever made the Duo 2 available in the US.

But while you can’t buy the device on contract, unlocked versions will work with all of the usual networks.

How much did the Surface Duo 2 cost at launch?

Despite the upgrades, the Duo 2 was priced similarly to its predecessor at launch. The £1,349/$1,499 starting price was identical in the UK, but $100 more expensive in the US. Here’s the full breakdown:

8GB RAM, 128GB storage – $1,499.99/£1,3498GB RAM, 256GB storage – $1,599.99/£1,4298GB RAM, 512GB storage – $1,799.99/£1,589 (Microsoft Store exclusive – black finish only


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