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Unique, stylish designImpressively comfortable and supportiveDynamic lumbar support


Backrest height adjustment is finickyArmrests tend to get knocked out of positionVery expensive

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The Mavix M7 is a unique gaming chair in a market full of generic bucket seats, with a curved design, breathable mesh and a whole host of adjustments – it’s just very expensive, and there are a few niggles that might put some off.

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From $859.99 (around £723)

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While there are plenty of established gaming chair brands around in 2023, there’s still space for disruption – and that’s where new gaming chair brand Mavix comes into play. Its debut product line, the M series, is a completely different take on the traditional gaming chair with a much more stylish, understated design that doesn’t compromise comfort or customisation.

The catch? It’s also one of the most premium gaming chairs on the market, making it a harder recommendation than it should be. Let me explain.  

Design & build

Unique, stylish designBreathable mesh fabricIdeal for gamers and office workers

The M7 gaming chair from Mavix is a luxurious, high-end gaming chair that looks different to practically every other gaming chair on the market. It ditches the standard bucket seat design for a modern design achieved through the use of curves, with a backrest and lumbar support that adjusts to follow the contours of the spine and a seat that is arched for comfort.

The headrest, though not cushioned, extends outwards to provide ample support for the neck and head. It’s attached to the chair rather than using elastic material that stretches out over time, and it’s pretty stiff to make sure it doesn’t shift once you rest your neck on it.

Lewis Painter / Foundry

The chair itself sports a mesh material finish in place of the popular combination of memory foam and leatherette, which drastically improves airflow and helps to keep you cool during long gaming or work sessions. As someone that has used a leatherette gaming chair in the hot summer months, it’s something I really appreciate.

And unlike most gaming chairs with loud, garish designs and bright colours, the M7 has a subtle, understated appearance that allows it to blend seamlessly into any home or office setting regardless of the colour combination you opt for. It’s available in black and white, all-black and a black and red combo if you want a flash of colour on your chair.

Those looking for a bright, vibrant gaming chair should consider the Secretlab Titan Evo and its variety of skins.

In addition to its stylish design, the M7 is also packed with a range of adjustable features to ensure a comfortable, personalized fit. Four bars beneath the seat control height, recline, seat depth, and backrest recline, while a tension knob allows you to increase or decrease the resistance when reclining. I’ll go into more detail about adjustment capabilities in a minute.

Lewis Painter / Foundry

Overall, the M7 gaming chair from Mavix is a top-of-the-line gaming chair that combines style, comfort, and functionality in a new and refreshing form factor. Its unique design and wide range of adjustable features make it a standout choice for both gamers and office workers.

Features & adjustment

A host of adjustments to suit your body shapeBackrest height adjustment can be finnickyDefault armrests feel a little cheapAdd-ons can further extend the premium experience

When it comes to the Mavix M7, it’s all about adjustment. In fact, almost every single aspect of the chair can be adjusted, including the headrest, armrests, seat depth, chair recline, recline tension, lumbar support, and backrest height. These are mainly controlled by four sticks found beneath the seat base, except for the backrest height – that one’s a bit finicky.

Lewis Painter / Foundry

While it’s a bonus that the backrest height is adjustable, especially for someone with a longer-than-average torso like myself, it relies on you lifting the backrest yourself, with a clicky feedback noise to let you know that it’s locked into place. You’ve got four heights to choose from and a reset notch that lets you drop the chair back to its lowest setting.

The problem is that it’s difficult to quickly adjust the height without hitting the reset notch.

I found myself having to do it slowly and count each notch (the highest setting is 4, reset is 5) and considering I had it set to 4, it became frustrating – even more so that it’d reset if I pulled the chair back using the backrest. A better locking system would improve that experience to no end, and it’s one of very few complaints I have with the M7.

Backrest aside, you’ve also got armrests that can shift forwards, backwards, left and right to find the perfect position for your forearms when working or gaming. However, unlike the likes of the Secretlab Titan Evo which requires you to push a button to adjust the armrests, you can adjust the positioning with a bit of force.

That’s fine for minor adjustments, but it also means the armrests can move if knocked when getting out of the chair. It’s not as big a dealbreaker as the backrest height adjustment, but it’s worth noting when discussing such a high-end bit of kit.

You could opt for the upgraded FS 360 armrests with locking positions, height adjustment and even 360-degree rotation, but it’s an additional $164.99 on top of an already top-end gaming chair.

Lewis Painter / Foundry

While it doesn’t come as standard, you can treat yourself by getting the Mavix Elemax heating, cooling and massaging component at an extra $129.99. The tech slips onto the lumbar support for the chair, and as suggested, it can heat your back in the cold, cool your back in the heat and even give you a massage using a vibration motor with two levels of intensity and either constant or varying vibrations.

The latter is a nice touch on busy work days, running for up to 15 minutes at a time and powered by battery rather than mains for a wireless experience, but it’s by no means a crucial part of the experience. It’s nice to have if you can afford it, but the M7 will keep you comfortable without it.

With that being said…


One of the comfiest gaming chairs aroundSuperb lumbar supportMuch more breathable than a standard gaming chair

The Mavix M7 is undoubtedly one of the comfiest gaming chairs I’ve sat on, and it’s certainly the best of the mesh variety that I’ve used. Yes, it’ll take a bit of fiddling to adjust the seat to the right position for your body, but once you do, you’ll experience a new level of comfort and support, especially in the lower back region.

The dynamic lumbar support keeps pressure on your lower back as you move forwards and backwards, always keeping your posture straight. While other gaming chairs have adjustable lumbar support, the M7’s ability to adjust on the fly is much more convenient and comfortable.

Lewis Painter / Foundry

The mesh material can take a bit of getting used to if, like me, you’re used to memory foam padding, but I’ve found it to be more than adequate for supporting my 6ft2 self. The fact that it’s much more breathable than standard gaming chairs is also a massive plus, especially in the hot winter months.

Yes, it’s an extremely premium gaming chair but if you’ve got the money, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the level of comfort and support offered by the Mavix M7.

Price & availability

I’ve hinted at the fact the Mavix M7 is a premium gaming chair, but I don’t think anybody was quite ready for the $859.99 RRP (around £723 in the UK) – and that doesn’t include premium extras like the FS 360 armrests or the Mavix Elemax, which push the price to over $1000.

At that price, it’s comfortably one of the most expensive gaming chairs around in 2023, coming in much higher than the popular $549/£444 Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 which I also considered to be pretty expensive for most gamers.

That said, it won’t be for everyone, but there is bang for your buck to be had if you want a gaming chair that’s not only supportive but stylish and breathable. The industry-leading 12-year warranty the chair comes with should provide extra peace of mind too.

If you’re tempted, you can order the Mavix M7 directly from Mavix in the US, though the company ships the high-end gaming chair worldwide at an additional cost.

To see how the M7 compares to the competition, take a look at our selection of the best gaming chairs.  


The Mavix M7 is a stylish, modern take on the gaming chair that ditches the bucket seat design and leatherette finish for something much more sleek and supportive with plenty of adjustments to suit your body shape.

It’s certainly one of the more comfortable chairs I’ve used, but it’s a little too expensive for most gamers and professionals – especially with all the extra add-ons that Mavix offers.

If you’ve got the money then great, you won’t regret the purchase, but there are plenty of comfortable chairs that cost half the price of the Mavix M7.  


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