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VPNs can be used to protect your online privacy, and to watch TV shows and films that aren’t available in your country. If you’re a student, both these things will come in handy throughout your time at university or college.  

Lots of VPNs have introductory discounts, and some companies have dedicated deals just for students. If you would like to take advantage of these, we have rounded up the best deals available right now.

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Best VPN deals for students

Surfshark two-year subscription student discount


From: Surfshark

Was: $336.70 / £308.57

$59.76 / £49.33 + 2 months free
(83% off)

Students can get Surfshark for a better price than the standard discount, with an extra month included at a lower cost. After 26 months, the price of this VPN will be billed at the standard rate.

The monthly price that is displayed on the website isn’t what you will actually pay, as it counts the free months as paid and displays the price excluding.

For two years of VPN access (more than what NordVPN’s student plan is offering), this is a great deal – and we have found Surfshark to be reliable and easy to use.

NordVPN one-year subscription student discount


From: NordVPN

$53.88 / £39.48
(45% off)

Students can grab one year of NordVPN for either $53.88 / £39.48 per year, or $4.49 / £3.29 per month via Student Beans. We consider NordVPN to be our best all-round VPN service, and this discount is exclusive to students. It isn’t the cheapest VPN out there, but it gives reliable performance.

You will need a Student Beans account to sign up, which is verified with a certified university email address. US readers can sign up here, whilst UK readers can grab the deal here.

CyberGhost two-year subscription


From: CyberGhost

Was: $337.74 / £313.63

$56.94 / £49.92
(84% off)

CyberGhost is a great VPN service and is currently offering a two-year subscription with four months free at the end

As with its rivals here, it uses those extra months in its calculations to make the monthly price seem cheaper. Look past this, and it’s a good deal for a good VPN service.

Also beware: the renewal price remains the same, but only lasts for a year, making it more than twice as expensive, so be sure to cancel before it renews.

CyberGhost is great for unblocking streaming services, so if that’s what you want a VPN for, it should be a tempting deal.

You’ll find CyberGhost in our roundup of the best VPN services.

PureVPN two-year subscription


From: PureVPN

Was: $657 ($10.95/mo)

$74.95 ($1.24/mo)
(89% off)

PureVPN’s deal is for a five-year subscription that will cost you $74.95 (around £62).

That’s $1.24 per month, which is a great price.

As with all the deals here (and with all VPN subscriptions longer than a month), you pay for the full subscription up front – not per month.

Atlas VPN Premium two-year subscription


From: Atlas VPN

Was: $329.70 / £242.70

$49.19 / £36.21
(85% off)

Atlas VPN is owned by Nord Security and is effectively the company’s low-cost alternative to NordVPN.

Its current offer gives you an extra six months on top of a two-year subscription, but they’re not really free if you go by the monthly cost that AtlasVPN advertises.

Nevertheless, this is a decent overall price for a 30-month VPN subscription.

Atlas VPN doesn’t tick as many boxes as NordVPN or Surfshark, but if you’re just looking for the low monthly price, then this deal should be tempting, especially as Atlas VPN doesn’t put any restrictions on the number of devices you can use with the service at the same time.

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