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The Traitors has taken the country by storm over the past few weeks. From shocking betrayals at the roundtable, to Claudia Winkleman skulking around the castle in comically oversized sweaters, this show has had it all.  

Through various banishments and murders, the group has gradually been whittled down from 22 to just five. Whilst the Faithfuls have the majority, there are still some Traitors among the midst who could steal the cash prize of up to £120,000 for themselves.

If you want to know when the final episode of The Traitors air, and how you can tune in, then keep on reading. You can also read up on why shows such as this one and Netflix’s The Mole are so popular right now.  

When is the final episode of The Traitors? 

You’ve not got long left to wait, as the final episode of The Traitors will air tonight, Thursday 22 December at 9pm GMT.  

🏰 Well, this could get awkward…#TheTraitors finale is TONIGHT from 9pm on @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer and we’ve been speaking to the Final Five

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— BBC Press Office (@bbcpress) December 22, 2022

How to watch the final episode of The Traitors 

In the UK, new episodes of The Traitors are on BBC One. The finale will air tonight (Thursday) at 9pm GMT.

If you can’t tune in live, then you can catch up on episodes over on BBC iPlayer. All previous episodes in the series are available to stream now.  

How to watch The Traitors from abroad 

If you’re currently away on holiday, or not based in the UK, then you can still watch The Traitors by using a VPN.  

Providing that you have a BBC TV license and have already signed up for an iPlayer account, all you need to do is purchase a VPN, turn on a UK server and then log in to iPlayer.  

There are lots of VPN providers to choose from, but for the best performance and pricing we recommend either NordVPN, (which also tops our best VPN roundup) or Surfshark. 

If you’d like more detailed instructions, then read our guide on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.  

Which contestants are left in The Traitors? 

Spoilers for previous episodes of The Traitors below.

In the group, only three Faithfuls remain, whilst two Traitors are still flying under the radar. The contestants left at the time of writing are: 

Hannah – Faithful Meryl – Faithful Aaron – Faithful  Wilfred – Traitor Kieran – Traitor

Kieran was recruited by Wilfred last episode after being threatened with an ultimatum. However, the alliance is extremely rocky. The pair managed to avoid turning on one another at the roundtable, and collectively the team banished Maddy.

The Traitors will conclude with a thrilling task to give the group the opportunity to build the prize pot one final time. After that, the team will start to vote to banish any remaining Traitors, and can end the game at any point by telling Claudia.

However, the team may not realise that there are two Traitors left, rather than one. Can they catch both Kieran and Wilfred, especially with some of the group so loyal?

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