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MagSafe holds a special place in the hearts of many Apple fans, offering a safe and easy way to charge older MacBooks, but it was ditched a few years ago for the convenience of USB-C. While many lamented what they thought was the end of MagSafe, Apple revealed MagSafe for iPhone at its iPhone 12 event back in 2020, and all major iPhones since support the tech.

Much like its spiritual predecessor, MagSafe allows you to charge your iPhone using a combination of wireless charging and magnets, but there’s much more to it than that.

Beyond simply charging your iPhone, Apple envisions MagSafe accessories of all shapes and sizes that help improve the iPhone experience. For more, take a look at our What is MagSafe? explainer and check out Macworld’s Best MagSafe Charger and Best MagSafe Portable Battery Pack roundups. 

So, you’ve bought a recent iPhone and want to make the most of MagSafe with new magnetic accessories? Here are the best available right now.  

Best MagSafe accessories for iPhone 2022

Mous Limitless 4.0 – Best MagSafe-compatible case


Impressive drop protection

MagSafe compatibility





Best Prices Today:

£59.99 at Mous

The standout case offering MagSafe integration is the Mous Limitless 4.0. Offering the same level of compatibility as official Apple cases, Mous’ option also boasts incredible damage resistance thanks to the inclusion of the company’s patented AiroShock shock-absorbing tech, giving you extra peace of mind without the added bulk.

The Mous Limitless 4.0 case is available for all versions of iPhone with five designs to choose from, and although it is expensive, it’s cheaper than totally replacing your shattered iPhone.

Mous also offers the MagSafe-compatible Infinity case, and while it doesn’t feature the same patented AiroShock protection, it is transparent, allowing you to fully appreciate the design of your iPhone. 

Apple MagSafe Charger – The official option


Convenient charging experience

Faster than Qi charging

Quick to remove


Short cable

Showcased during the MagSafe reveal, the MagSafe charger will likely be the first accessory that most iPhone owners will buy. 

The charger utilises the magnetic connectivity of the MagSafe system to offer reliable 15W wireless charging—no need to find the sweet spot like with most standard wireless chargers. It resembles the Apple Watch charger, both in look and performance, with a quick snap-on system, securely attaching itself to the iPhone when nearby.  

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Charger – Best kickstand charger


MagSafe charger-esque design

USB-C port

Built-in kickstand


Larger than standard MagSafe charger



Best Prices Today:

£18.39 at Amazon

While Apple’s MagSafe charger is great, the design could be improved in some areas—and that’s exactly what accessory maker ESR has done with the HaloLock Kickstand wireless charger. It looks like a MagSafe charger and operates in largely the same way—it connects via magnets to the rear of your iPhone and provides up to 15W of wireless charge—but comes with a secret weapon. 

That weapon? A built-in adjustable kickstand, allowing you to charge your iPhone and angle it on a flat surface at the same time. While it might not sound like much, it’s the ideal accessory for long FaceTime chats or YouTube binge sessions.

It also boasts a USB-C port for charging, which means you can swap out the included USB-C to USB-C cable for something much longer than Apple’s official charger. 

Belkin Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe – Best car mount


Strong magnets hold your iPhone in place

Easy to attach to vents

Cable tidy system



No wireless charging



Best Prices Today:

£39.95 at Apple

If you hate the idea of using a fiddly phone holder in your car, Belkin has you covered with the new Car Vent Mount PRO with MagSafe. At £34.95/$39.95 it’s pricier than many alternatives, but it provides an unmatched level of ease of use for iPhone users.

Using the MagSafe system, the iPhone simply snaps into place onto the holder, giving the impression of it floating in place. It’s stronger than the MagSafe charger too, meaning you shouldn’t worry about your iPhone coming loose if you go over bumps too hard.

The mount itself snaps onto most vents, and a cable tidy system near the free-moving ball joint on the rear allows for quick access to a cable for charging/infotainment purposes.

STM MagPod – Best mobile tripod


Easy to attach

Able to capture almost any angle

Doubles up as a phone holder


Legs feel a little flimsy

No charging capabilities



Tripods aren’t a new idea, but attaching a MagSafe accessory to the top is – and that’s exactly what STM has done with the MagPod.

The MagPod is a much more compact alternative to a standard tripod, shaped like a pill and only slightly larger than an average hand. The three legs are hidden within the shell when not in use, allowing it to double up as a handheld grip, and fold outwards in unison when in use. While that’s handy for quick setup, the downside is that the three legs can’t be independently angled for use on uneven surfaces – it’s designed for flat surfaces in the home primarily.

The strong magnet built into the MagPod provides peace of mind about attaching an iPhone using magnets – even bulkier models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max are no issue for the STM tripod – and the combination of a swivel head and pivoting body means it can angle your phone at practically any angle, ideal for recording videos and taking photos of the stars at night.

There aren’t fancy smart features like a built-in battery or a motorised swivel system, but if you need a tripod that’s easy to set up without those fiddly phone mounts, the STM MagPod is a strong contender.

ShiftCam SnapGrip Creators Kit – Best bundle for creators


Digital camera-like grip with trigger button

Built-in wireless charging with 3200mAh battery

Accessories work alone or together



Limited angles with the SnapPod



Best Prices Today:

£149.97 at ShiftCam

The ShiftCam SnapGrip creators kit is a simple MagSafe-based system that makes taking photos and recording videos on an iPhone easier than ever.

The main accessory is the SnapGrip itself, which attaches to the rear of your iPhone and acts as a mount with a digital camera-esque shape and a built-in trigger button. It not only provides a better grip and a more convenient way to take snaps, but it also houses a 3,200mAh battery that can be used to charge your iPhone wirelessly while connected.

There’s also the SnapLight, a small LED ring with an adjustable angle and four preset light settings to choose from, helping brighten darker shots. It also sports a built-in mirror so you can get a good idea of what’s being captured when taking selfies on the rear camera.

Finally, you’ll get to use the SnapPod, a handheld tripod designed to hold your iPhone steadily in place, with adjustable angles making it easier to get the shots you need. The MagSafe attachment point can also be unscrewed and affixed to a standard 1/4in screw mount on any tripod if you need to use something larger and sturdier.

The best part? These accessories can be used individually or as part of one big camera setup, letting you pick and choose the accessories depending on what you’re doing.

iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Duo Stand – Best 2-in-1 charger


Stylish looks

Secondary Qi charging pad


No wall charger included

Chargers at half the speed of official MagSafe chargers


$69.95 (around £69 inc VAT)

Best Prices Today:

£69 at iOttie

The Velox magnetic stand is able to charge your iPhone 12 or 13 at the same time as a Qi-compatible accessory, such as iPods with a Wireless Charging Case or other brands of headphones. 

Though available in just one colour, the midnight blue silicone and gold-coloured aluminium look elegant on a bedside table, even if they look more like black and brass to us. When an iPhone is attached, the mount is hidden giving a floating look, but it remains stable thanks to a weighted base. 

The Qi charging pad is just the right size for most wireless earbud cases and in testing, it worked well with Huawei’s Freebuds Pro. 

There are a couple of downsides to the Velox, though. First, it’s only MagSafe compatible. So it can charge an iPhone at only 7.5W rather than the 15W available to official MagSafe accessories. 

This isn’t a major issue if you plan to use it to charge your iPhone overnight, though, as that’s enough power for an empty-to-full charge while you sleep. 

The other issue is that iOttie doesn’t include a power supply in the box, and the ‘built-in’ USB-C cable can’t be replaced if it gets damaged. If you already have a suitable power supply, the price isn’t too bad. But if not and you can live without the Velox’s premium looks, there are cheaper options out there. 

Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank – Best powerbank



Snaps onto rear of iPhone to charge

Holds multiple phone charges


No iOS battery capacity readings



While Apple has its own official MagSafe-enabled power bank available for the iPhone, it lacks in the battery capacity department at just 11.13Wh—providing a single charge for the standard iPhone 12. Anker offers a larger 18.5Wh power bank that’ll fully recharge even the iPhone 13 Pro Max via MagSafe and have a bit of juice left over.

The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K is a little thicker than Apple’s option, but that’s something we’re happy to live with given the larger battery capacity – arguably the most important factor of a power bank. It’s also much cheaper than Apple’s official option, making minor niggles—like not being able to see battery capacity via an iOS widget – easier to accept.

All that aside, using a MagSafe-enabled power bank provides a much simpler on-the-go charging experience than standard power banks, negating the need for annoying cables running from your phone to the power bank—just attach it to the rear of your iPhone, even with a case on, and it’ll begin charging. Easy, right?

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe – Best mount for Mac users


Easily attaches to recent models of MacBook

Allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam with ease



Doesn’t work with desktop displays



Best Prices Today:

£29.95 at Apple

With the release of macOS Ventura in October 2022 came the ability to use your iPhone as your Mac webcam, replacing the low-quality HD camera with something as high as a 48Mp snapper (if you’ve got the iPhone 14 Pro, that is!). The question is, where are you supposed to put your iPhone?

While you can make your own makeshift tripod or balance the iPhone somewhere nearby, Belkin’s MagSafe mount for Mac laptops is the perfect option if you’re using a MacBook – and it’s not that expensive either. Simply clip the mount into place and your iPhone will automatically attach via the built-in magnets.

There’s even a special top-down view that uses the ultrawide lens (where available) to provide a cropped look at your desk, ideal for sharing notes and designs.

If you’re a regular video caller on Mac, it’s a game-changer.

ESR HaloLock Wallet Stand – Best wallet attachment


Adjustable stand

Holds up to three cards

Premium materials


Can be fiddly to remove cards



ESR’s HaloLock Wallet Stand is a vegan leather wallet that clamps magnetically to the back of your iPhone, and can act as a stand either in portrait or landscape mode. Or you just leave it flat on your phone while in your pocket.

It features three individual card slots, including an inside clear window that makes it easy to flash your ID.

It also has a thumb slot on the rear, accessible once you slide the cardholder off the back of your iPhone, allowing for quick access to your cards with a push. It’s a solid option if you’ve got more than one card you use on a daily basis, and it’s relatively cheap too.  

Smart wallet manufacturer Ekster has also taken a stab at a MagSafe-compatible cardholder for the iPhone with its Ekster MagSafe Card Holder, utilizing its expertise in wallet design to offer something more premium than Apple’s official option. It doesn’t also act as a stand but it’s slimmer than the ESR wallet. There are two credit card-shaped slots, but Ekster claims you can carry up to three cards at once, two more than Apple’s option—we gave it a go, and while it is a particularly snug fit, it is possible.



What is MagSafe for iPhone?

Apple’s magnetic tech, built into the iPhone 12 and later, is both a mounting and charging system compatible with a variety of accessories – both first- and third-party.  

The recent iPhones essentially include a magnetometer and single-coil NFC reader and use magnets to perfectly align your iPhone on MagSafe-compatible wireless chargers and other magnetic accessories. It removes the issue of having to find the sweet spot when charging, and the magnetic connection means you can pick it up and use it while it’s charging without issue.  

It’s also faster than standard wireless charging at 15W, compared to 7.5W on offer from traditional Qi charging—as long as you get an official ‘Made for MagSafe’ accessory, anyway. Other accessories marked as ‘MagSafe compatible’ aren’t officially licensed, and can only charge at 7.5W.   


Which iPhones support MagSafe?

Apple introduced MagSafe technology on the iPhone 12 range, and all flagship iPhones since have supported the tech. That includes:

iPhone 14 Pro MaxiPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 PlusiPhone 14iPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 13 ProiPhone 13iPhone 13 miniiPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12iPhone 12 mini

Unfortunately, if you’ve got an iPhone 11 or earlier, you can’t take advantage of MagSafe accessories.


Is MagSafe safe for iPhone?

While you may be concerned about the idea of putting something magnetic onto the rear of your iPhone, rest assured that Apple has thoroughly tested the underlying MagSafe tech and, as such it shouldn’t damage your iPhone in any way.

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