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I just love spending time cleaning my home. That’s a sentence uttered by literally no-one, ever. The unfortunate reality is that chores have to be done and while you might like the sparkling result once you’ve done them, the process of achieving it is no fun.

So, any appliance that can make the job of vacuuming and mopping floors easier and quicker is one that’s going to be welcomed by many.

You might assume we’re going to talk about robot vacuum cleaners, but you’d be wrong. They certainly have their place, but no, there’s another gadget: the cordless wet & dry vacuum.

As well as sucking up dirt and dust from hard floors, it can also clear up liquid spills. This saves time, space and money: there’s no need to fetch a mop and bucket: one wet & dry vacuum does it all.

EZVIZ, a company well known for its smart home security devices, is branching out into appliances and its new RH1 is – as you might guess – a wet & dry vacuum.

This isn’t just any old vacuum though. EZVIZ has made it smart, not only by incorporating sensors, but also by building in something immensely practical: the RH1 is self-cleaning and is capable of cleaning its own brush after you’re finished using it.

This solves one of the most annoying problems with wet vacuums: it washes and air-dries the brush. All you have to do is press a button.

Here are five other reasons to love the EZVIZ RH1 3-in-1 vac:

Powerful suction. With 12kPa of suction, dirt doesn’t stand a chance of remaining on the floor, stairs, furniture or anywhere. The RH1 will remove cereal, pet hair, milk and whatever mess your kids and pets make.The self-traction motor helps to move the RH1 as you clean, so vacuuming isn’t such hard work. And since it’s an upright, it’s the right height and won’t make you bend over to clean. It weighs less than 5kg, too.The large battery allows you to clean even a large home without having to stop and recharge mid-way through. The water tanks are big enough, too. You can clean up to 200m² with each full charge.Thanks to a freestanding charging base, the RH1 fits easily into your home and doesn’t require any drilling or any installation at all. Everything is neatly and conveniently stored, taking up minimal space.The big screen and helpful voice prompts let you know what you need to know, such as how dirty the floor is, and when the battery needs recharging and when the water tank needs refilling.

And that’s not all. Those sensors we mentioned earlier: these work out how dirty the floor is and allow the RH1 to use the appropriate level of suction, water flow and roller speed, so you don’t have to change any settings manually.

No doubt your home has a few corners that are awkward to reach. That’s no problem for the RH1, as it can clean in tight spaces.

In case you’re wondering, the RH1 can be used with hot water, up to 60°C. This is far more effective than cold water for tackling stubborn, worked-in dirt.

Plus, in the box you’ll find a spare HEPA filter, a spare roller, a cleaning brush and a bottle of cleaning solution, so there’s everything you need for months of smart vacuuming.


EZVIZ Cordless Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner RH1

Clean your home effortlessly yet effectively with the RH1, no matter what kinds of mess your kids and pets create. It tackles sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all at once then self-cleans its own brush.

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Of course, you want to know how much the RH1 costs and where to buy one. It costs £349.99 and is available directly from EZVIZ.

To find out more, visit EZVIZ’s website.

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