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If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your smartphone this year, you may well be waiting for Black Friday to pick up a bargain. And you’d be right to do so  – but you still need to be savvy about your purchase.

In this article, we take a look at all the elements of Black Friday sales and show you how to make sure you genuinely get the best deal on a new phone.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday will take place on 25 November 2022, followed by Cyber Monday on Monday 28 November.

When do Black Friday phone deals begin?

While some deals will be reserved for the big day itself, many deals will be available throughout November. Others, such as Amazon Lightning Deals, are only there to be snapped up for a number of hours.

Retailers such as Currys, Very, and Walmart already have phone deals available.

Top 10 Phone Deals (US)

Top 10 Phone Deals (US)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


From: Best Buy

Was: $1799.99

($800 off with same day activation)

Best Buy currently has an incredible offer on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the US, with $800 off!

Check out the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals in both the UK and US this holiday season, too.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (128GB)


From: Amazon US

Was: $799.99

($100 off)

Grab a $100 discount on Samsung’s flagship phone, which comes factory unlocked and is available in several colours.

OnePlus 8T (12GB RAM, 256GB)


From: OnePlus

Was: $749

($300 off)

Get $300 off last year’s flagship OnePlus 8T right now if you buy the phone direct from OnePlus – its lowest price yet.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3


From: Samsung

Was: $999.99

($150 off)

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was already decent value for money, but this useful discount at Best Buy makes it even better.

OnePlus 9 Pro (12GB RAM, 256GB)


From: Amazon US

Was: $1,069

($170 off)

Pick up the OnePlus 9 Pro from Amazon, for an impressively competitive price. See our full review of the OnePlus 9 Pro. We’re also tracking all the best OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro deals here

Moto G Power (4GB RAM, 64GB)


From: Amazon US

Was: $249

($20 off)

If you’re after a phone with great battery life that won’t break the bank, Motorola’s Moto G Power boasts a 5000mAh cell that can keep going for days at a time. Right now, it also comes with a discount on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy A11 (32GB, carrier locked to Straight Talk)


From: Walmart

Was: $179

($110 off)

The budget-friendly Galaxy A11 is more than half-off right now from Walmart. Just be aware, this is a carrier-locked device (locked to Straight Talk).

OnePlus 9 (8GB RAM, 128GB)


From: Amazon

Was: $729.99

($30.99 off)

The OnePlus 9 has over $30 off on Amazon right now, but $175 off the 9 Pro, although the base 9 is still markedly cheaper than the Pro. See our round-up of the best OnePlus 9/9 Pro deals.

Motorola Razr 5G (8GB RAM, 256GB)


From: Amazon US

Was: $1,399

($420 off)

The Motorola Razr 5G receives a sizeable $420 discount right now on Amazon. It sits amongst exclusive company, as one of the few foldables on the market, and comes 5G ready. 

Are Black Friday phone offers worth it?

Over the past few years, people have become a bit wary of Black Friday deals. It’s understandable considering it used to be a small number of crazy deals and is now often thousands of products that are reduced in varying amounts.

Naturally, products that have been around for a few months or more will be reduced anyway. However, a trick that some retailers do is to bump phones back up to the original price before Black Friday to then make it appear that a price cut is bigger.

For example, a phone with an original price of £999/$999 that’s typically being sold at £899/$899 would be a discount of 10% but a Black Friday deal at £799/$799 might be touted as 20% off – even though that’s compared to the original price.

It’s still a lower price, but doesn’t factor in the typical selling price. Some retailers may even quote a higher RRP than the official store so be careful.

How to shop for Black Friday phone savings

One of the top things we recommend you do is you try and choose a phone before looking at deals – we have a selection in our
best phone chart. This means you can simply go around the retailers and see who has the best price for that make and model.

If you’re not sure, then try to filter the results down so there are fewer devices to choose between. For starters, you might want to decide your rough budget, so you’ll know if you’re looking to spend less on a
mid-range or
budget phone. There’s also the obvious question of whether you want an
iPhone or an
Android handset.

Beyond that, you might want to start about the features you care about the most. Do you prioritise battery life, or a powerful processor? Camera specs, or lightning-fast charging? Or is a smooth software experience your number one? Think about those factors ahead of time, and do a bit of research to draw up a shortlist of phones that might suit your needs.

Another method can be to simply look for the ones with the biggest discounts – either in £ or % – to see what are the biggest deals. Some retailers even allow you to order results by the amount of discount.

Regardless of what phone you’re looking at, always check prices elsewhere for the same model. You might find it for less at a rival or there might be a freebie thrown in, or a longer warranty.

You should also decide if you’re hoping to buy your new phone outright and SIM-free, or if you’d rather pick it up on contract from a network/carrier. If nothing else, that will change which stores you should be looking at for deals.

There are tools you can use to check whether a deal is ‘real’ or not such as
CamelCamelCamel, which works for Amazon listings. You can also install the
Honey plug-in to your browser which will not only attempt to find discount codes but can also show the price trend over time to see if it’s a good deal or not.

Better yet, we are always searching for the
best phone deals throughout the year and especially in November, with more focussed guides on the
best mid-range phone deals and
best budget phone deals. Our expert team knows what the best deals are and we’re often notified by manufacturers and retailers so you know you’re not looking at any rubbish offers.

If you do find a deal that looks perfect then snap it up. The best ones will sell out quickly so you might miss out if you’re not fast.

Where will you find the best smartphone deals?

In the UK you’ll find some of the best phone deals from major retailers such as
John Lewis,
Very, and, of course,
Amazon. If you want a contract, then in addition to the obvious options like
Vodafone, and
Three, make sure to look at the likes of
Giffgaff, and

If you’re in the US, check
Best Buy,
Newegg and
Target. There are also deals to be had on
eBay. Then remember the usual networks:
T-Mobile, and
Verizon, plus smaller options like
Mint or

Don’t forget to check the official manufacturer store, where they might even price match rivals. Look to the likes of
OnePlus, and
Apple might do a Black Friday coupon, but don’t expect any direct discounts.

What kind of phone discounts can you expect?

Phones have always been a big part of Black Friday. They are often the main tech purchase consumers are looking to buy in the sales.

In previous years we’ve seen a wide range of deals on smartphones, some unbelievable and some the same but for the wrong reasons. 

Bear in mind that some of the biggest discounts will be on the most expensive models, meaning they might still cost more than a thousand. However, you should still expect to save hundreds on the majority of handsets and Black Friday deals are not limited to the flagship phones.

You will see deals on budget phones as well, but they are likely to be tens of pounds considering their already cheap price. It might still be a good deal, but the saving won’t be a similar value to premium models. 

Some of the best deals may be saved for 26 November, but if you’ve seen a great price on a model you like then our advice is to get it and avoid disappointment. 

As we get closer to the date, we’ll be bringing together
the best Black Friday tech deals in our handy guide, which is a good resource to bookmark.

Best early Black Friday phone deals

Top 10 Phone Deals

Oppo Find X3 Pro (12GB RAM, 256GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £1,099

(37% off)

This is a cracking price for Oppo’s 2021 flagship, the Find X3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (8+128GB)


From: Laptops Direct

Was: £949

(£250 off)

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 gets a big saving of £250 off on the world’s best foldable phone right now

Honor 50 (6GB + 128GB)


From: Honor

Was: £449

(£150 off)

Buy the Honor mid-ranger from the official store right now and you’ll not only save £150 on the asking price, but the company will also throw in the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite for £40 more (RRP £69.99).

OnePlus 9 (8+128GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £629

(24% off)

The OnePlus 9 is still an excellent phone and art this price is a bit of a steal.

Apple iPhone 12 (with 100GB data)


From: iD Mobile

£49.99 upfront, £31.99 per month

iD Mobile has struck back, beating the (excellent) Vodafone deal we recommended last month, and this is now the deal to go for if you want to buy the iPhone 12 on contract.

For most users a 100GB allocation will more than enough. If you can manage with less, there are cheaper contracts with 25GB or 50GB.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (8GB RAM, 128GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £769

(14% off)

The 128GB storage capacity build of Samsung’s 2021 flagship enjoys a sizeable discount off its RRP in this Amazon deal.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (4GB/64GB)


From: Amazon

Was: £209

(22% off)

Get one of the most affordable Samsung Galaxy phones for even less. No need to be a Prime member for this deal. At the time of writing, the White model had the biggest discount of 33% off.


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