The cheapest Kindle finally has USB-Con September 13, 2022 at 13:00 Tech Advisor


Amazon has announced a new version of its cheapest Kindle eReader that finally charges via USB-C rather than the ancient microUSB.

Every other (more expensive) version of the Kindle has moved to USB-C in recent years but the 2019 Kindle was stuck on the older charging tech. Thankfully the new Kindle, which will cost $99.99/£84.99/€99.99, has caught up.

It means the new Kindle Kids also has USB-C. This an Amazon package that bundles the current base level Kindle with a case and a one year subscription to Amazon Kids+ – its children’s books and magazines service. It costs $119.99/£104.99/€109.99.

The new Kinde has a 300 pixels per inch (ppi) display, a higher resolution than the 167ppi of the older model. 300ppi is the same resolution found on the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis, the much pricier models in the range.

“The new ultralight Kindle is the latest example of how we continue to bring premium features to our most affordable devices for even more customers to enjoy,” said Eric Saarnio, Vice President, Amazon Devices International.


The updated Kindle has 16GB storage, double the 8GB of the last-gen model, and promises six weeks of battery life. The main thing it lacks is any kind of waterproofing, but if this doesn’t bother you then it looks like the best Kindle for most people. It’s also available in black or denim (above: it’s blue), and there’s no longer a white model.

Amazon says that the magnesium used in the Kindle and Kindle Kids is 90% recycled, although its claim that other materials on both were “thoughtfully sourced” is less eco-encouraging. The latest Kobo, the Clara 2E, has leant more strongly into its eco credentials, though that product competes more directly with the Kindle Paperwhite.

The Paperwhite and Oasis models have nice-to-have features like flush touchscreens and more front lights to illuminate the display, but the plain old Kindle still has a touchscreen, albeit recessed, and four front lights for low-light and night-time reading so you really won’t be missing out on too much.

A 6in display is more than large enough on the basic Kindle too, particularly as you can adjust the font, font size, and light brightness to your preference.

Parents who buy their children a Kindle Kids can fully control what their young ones can read through the Amazon Parent Dashboard software. Not only can you pick titles, but you can also lock the device at a set bedtime schedule.

The new cases for the Kindle Kids edition


You can pre-order the Kindle and Kindle Kids from today from Amazon. They go on full sale on 12 October.


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