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The Surface Duo 2 is Microsoft’s second-gen, dual-screen foldable phone. And it doesn’t run Windows! It’s an Android device, running Android 12 following a recent update.

However, the big changes here are on the hardware side. The Duo 2 uses a flagship 2021 chipset in the Snapdragon 888, bringing 5G and NFC to the device alongside it. Both AMOLED displays are slightly larger and now 90Hz, while there’s a brand-new triple rear camera system.

Elsewhere, you get a much bigger 4449mAh battery (vs 3577mAh on the original) and a new “Glance Bar”, which lets you check notifications without opening the device. The previous Glacier (white) model has been joined by an Obsidian (black) option, too.

If you’re set on buying the Surface Duo 2 after reading our full review, here are all the best places to pick one up. There are some great deals available in the US and UK right now.

Best Surface Duo 2 SIM-free deals

Surface Duo 2 pre-orders were limited to Microsoft Store, and that’s still the only place to buy the 512GB model (when it’s in stock). But if you’re happy with 128GB or 256GB of storage, here are your full range of options:


Best Buy – $500 off 128GB, $500 off 256GBAmazon –  $286.18 off 128GB, 256GB only available higher than RRPWalmart – $66.74 off 128GB, 256GB out of stockMicrosoft Store – all models out of stock

The device isn’t available via B&H Photo Video, despite it previously selling the original Duo.


Microsoft Store – £489 off 128GB, 256GB and 512GB out of stockAmazon – £449.01 off 128GB (used), 256GB not availableCurrys – 128GB and 256GB both out of stock

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Best prices right now

For the very latest information, check out our price comparison widget below. As you can see, there aren’t many options right now:

Microsoft UK (NEW)

Can you buy the Surface Duo 2 on contract?

The Surface Duo 2’s premium price makes buying the phone on contract an appealing alternative, but there’s only one option in the UK. 

EE has just the 128GB model available, with contracts starting at £54 per month with £100 upfront for 5GB of 5G data. 25GB and 125GB plans are also available, plus unlimited data options starting at £64 per month with £10 upfront.

On some contracts, you can choose one ‘Smart Benefit’ for the duration of your 24-month contract. The current options are:

Apple Music subscriptionBT Sport Ultimate subscription – only accessible via the mobile appNetflix subscriptionFree roaming in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, as well as 47 European countriesWatch unlimited streaming services without using your data – works with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, YouTube Kids, BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Kids, Twisted Mirror, BT Sport, MTV Play, BritBox and TV Player

There’s no indication that the device will ever be available via the other main networks in the UK – O2, Vodafone and Three – or any piggyback providers which use their service.

It’s an even worse situation in the US – no carriers have ever made the Duo 2 available on contract. This is perhaps as a result of reduced demand, considering the following all stocked the first-gen model:

Verizon AT&T – “currently, we have not been provided with information as to if AT&T will be carrying the device on our network” (according to official forum post) T-Mobile

While you can’t buy the device on contract in the US, unlocked versions will work with all of the above. The only features you’ll miss out on via Verizon is Wi-Fi calling and visual voicemail, according to a
post on Reddit.

How much did the Surface Duo 2 cost at launch?

Despite the upgrades, the Duo 2 was priced similarly to its predecessor at launch. The £1,349/$1,499 starting price was identical in the UK, but $100 more expensive in the US. Here’s the full breakdown:

8GB RAM, 128GB storage – £1,349/$1,499.998GB RAM, 256GB storage – £1,429/$1,599.998GB RAM, 512GB storage – £1,589/$1,799.99 (only available in black and from the Microsoft Store)

For more devices from on the September 2021 Surface event, here’s
everything that was announced.

When did the Surface Duo 2 go on sale?

The Surface Duo 2 was officially revealed at Microsoft’s Surface event on 22 September 2021. It then went on sale on 21 October, avoiding the long delays between announcement and European release that affected the original Duo.

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