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From today until the end of the year Tado will be selling its newly released Smart Thermostat Black Edition for just £99.99, down from its RRP of £199.99.

The deal is exclusively through home-improvement specialist Screwfix in the UK.

Get 50% off the Tado Wireless Smart Thermostat.

With energy prices forecast to at least double compared to the start of the year, smart thermostats are a digital way to control a home’s energy usage.

Tado makes energy efficiency simple through the use of wired and wireless sensors and radiator thermostats. Read our Tado Smart Thermostat review.

Compatible with nearly every modern boiler, the smart thermostat can be controlled manually or via the mobile app, which now has a Dark Mode to match the latest Black Edition of the wireless thermostat.

Using the app, you can set optimum temperatures for each room when used in conjunction with the smart radiator valves.

The app can tell when specified users leave the home and can control the heating so that empty houses are not wasting energy.

Tado claims that its smart thermostats can save users an average of 22% on heating costs per year. Customers reduce their average heating bill of £1,050.55 for a typical home house to £819.43 by using a smart thermostat, estimates the company. Higher savings are expected when the Energy Price Cap rises in the UK on 1st October.

Tado reckons that its smart thermostats will pay for themselves within less than six months of use, and will begin to pay for themselves in less than three months in the October energy price rises. 

The new Black Edition was a customer request to match interior design choices. Aside from aesthetics, the app’s Dark Mode can help save a phone’s battery life and be useful in dimly lit environments. Dark mode will start rolling out to existing Tado users via an app update in October and can be activated in the device settings on iOS and Android.

The thermostat is also available in white, but that colour model is not part of this half-price deal.

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