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Unlike some rivals, LG had a lot of new products to show off at the 2022 IFA trade show in Berlin. And I could not have predicted that the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase would be the gadgets I’d want the most.

LG says it is “revolutionising the at-home shoe care experience” with these new Styler models. Now, I don’t normally cover this kind of tech, and while I was aware of the original Styler, I didn’t imagine it would be repurposed for shoes to provide such an ‘experience’.

Despite this, I couldn’t help but want one while LG was demonstrating it on its sizable booth at the show, more so than the other shiny things on display including its bendy LG OLED Flex TV and MoodUP refrigerator (aka the ‘disco fridge’) with its illuminating panels. 

And I don’t even collect sneakers, boots or slippers. Heck, I don’t own many pairs of shoes at all. 

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It’s perhaps down to the sheer enjoyment of seeing a totally new gadget, the fact I just bought a new pair of Vans, or that LG was displaying some Nike baby shoes and I’ve got a baby on the way later this year. Regardless, the technology here seems worthwhile. 

To explain, the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase are two different products in a modular system that can be used with each other in different combinations depending on what you want.

The ShoeCare is a sort of wardrobe for your shoes with up to four shelves, though fewer if you want to store something taller like wellington boots. LG uses its TrueSteam technology to keep your kicks fresh but in a different way to the Styler for clothes which gently shakes garments to freshen them up. 

Steam rises up from the bottom of the cabinet creating a sort of spa treatment for your shoes. An adjustable Moving Nozzle system dries out the inside ready for them to be worn. 

A small touchscreen on the front allows you to control the ShoeCare (although you can also use the ThinkQ app). This involves telling it what kind of shoes you’re putting in so it can adjust to the material. LG says it can handle leather, suede, sports footwear and more with 10 different ‘courses’. 

Only two different fabric types can be refreshed at the same time. On the standard course, the machine can refresh four pairs in just 37 minutes and do so at a whisper-quiet 37dB. 

Chris Martin / Foundry

The Styler ShoeCare also comes in a gorgeous dark green colour that just so happens to match my home decor, though other colours are available. 

Considering there’s space for up to four pairs of shoes, it’s perhaps a good job I don’t have a large collection, but I love the feel of new shoes and – we can all agree – ones that aren’t smelly or damp. 

If the ShoeCare can keep that feeling of new shoes last longer, I’d certainly consider parting with the cash. And it should mean I wouldn’t have to buy new shoes as often. 

Those who do have collectable sneakers will be more attracted to the ShoeCase. This does exactly what it says and is a display case for showing off one pair of prized kicks.  

Chris Martin / Foundry

LG has fitted it with clear panels on three sides which not only lets you view the shoes like they’re artwork at a gallery but protects them from UV light. Moisture protection is another benefit and there’s a turntable plus lighting so you can see the shoes from all angles at any time of day. 

The ShoeCase comes in a range of colours and also some funky editions (see above) in collaboration with artists. You can stack up to four ShoeCases on top of each other or put a single unit on top of the ShoeCare unit.

The latter would be my preference and perhaps if I did get one, it would be the beginning of a very expensive shoe collection. 

That’s unlikely though, as the Styler ShoeCare and ShoeCase are initially launching in Korea only (I live in the UK) and they may never launch anywhere else. Even then, the price is still to be confirmed and likely to be eye-watering despite an LG representative telling me it would be “reasonable”. 

For now, then, my Vans will have to live on the floor in the hallway with the rest of the collection, such as it is. And I’ll make do by keeping them fresh with a quick spray of Febreeze: I know my bank balance will thank me for it.

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