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Ring is best known for its video doorbells and security cameras, but they’re far from the only product the company makes. Another new one has just been announced in the form of Ring Intercom, an add-on for your intercom system that adds significant extra functionality. 

At the announcement, the firm highlighted four key advantages compared to a regular audio-based intercom. Arguably the most useful is Remote Unlock, which allows you to grant access to your flat from anywhere using the Ring app. This is particularly convenient when you’re not at home but still need to let specific people in.

That may include friends or family, but there’ll soon be an even more convenient solution. Auto-Verified Guests will let you provide a virtual set of keys to regular visitors, although they’ll still need to buzz themselves in using the Ring app. Everyone you allow access to will be recorded in-app, and this can be revoked at any time. However, this feature is only listed as ‘coming soon’ suggesting it may not be available at launch.


But for members of your household, you can go one step further as soon as you get your hands on the Ring Intercom. As the name suggests, Shared Users allow everyone in a household to have full access to the property and the same intercom permissions – including Remote Unlock. 

As an Amazon-owned company, it’s no surprise to also see a feature specifically for deliveries from the retailer. If you know when a crucial parcel will arrive, Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries enables verified drivers to access the premises during a specific window of time and leave it in an agreed place. 

Unlike many of the company’s other products, Ring Intercom is designed only for audio-based systems. Ring says it’ll work with “most audio intercom handsets” and offers a compatibility checker on its website. 

It uses rechargeable batteries and is supposedly easy to add to your existing setup, with “no structural changes to the apartment required”.  

Ring Intercom will be available to buy direct from Ring and Amazon on 28 September in the UK. It’ll cost £119.99 at launch, or £149.99 if you’re willing to wait until 26 October for a bundle with a battery charging station and battery pack. The device will also be available in Germany from 28 September at €129.99 for the device or €169.99 for the bundle, with plans to expand to the US in 2023 – though US pricing is yet to be revealed.

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