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Put simply, Navenio is different. As a geospatial insight software company we produce AI-led indoor location based solutions that help transform and improve workforce efficiency and asset management.

Our technology is infrastructure-free and can be implemented without the need for surveying, delivering highly accurate, frictionless and scalable indoor location. It works where GPS does not, simply by using sensors in smartphones.


What’s the Idea behind the company?

Our mission is to transform the indoor world and we have the opportunity for ‘the blue dot to knock down the door’ and map the indoor world.  For example, in the healthcare sector, Navenio has enabled hospitals, and their teams, to receive ‘right person, right place, right time’ technology  with world-leading research to aid them to deliver the best patient care.

Looking at Navenio’s potential, the technology creates compelling real time location based services and my experience working at Ordnance Survey has facilitated my understanding of the need for geospatial data that is high resolution and up to date. Ultimately, our mission to solve real-life indoor business challenges can become a huge reality with a drive for global growth, with our US expansion and supporting global clients already underway.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Navenio, like many companies, has faced challenges and been forced to evolve during the pandemic. Though I only joined the Navenio team as VP of business development this year, the work my new colleagues have been working on over the past 2 years has been phenomenal.

With the NHS overstretched, we offered hospitals a way to tackle the increased pressure they were experiencing during the COVID-19 outbreaks. We worked with teams to enable them to be more efficient and helped to increase the number of tasks completed by 94% and reduced bed turnaround time by 35%. Navenio offered help to ensure faster cleaning of infectious areas in hospitals, give full visibility of patient movements, and connect porters directly with staff to ensure that vital equipment was transported to where it needed to be.

Our focus is still providing hospitals and healthcare professionals with the data and insight to help them get back to full capacity but now, we are branching out into other use cases and understanding how our technology can benefit alternate sectors; the need to understand our indoor world is not limited to healthcare. If emergency services had access to this kind of technology then they would be better informed before having to enter buildings, and ultimately it could help save lives. Equally, in engineering, construction and manufacturing the ability to know where people are working within a building could be transformed through Navenio.

What can we hope to see from Navenio in the future?

Navenio’s technology is so unique that the possibilities are endless. How we apply ourselves to the market this year will be pivotal. For example, we have the opportunity and the ability to create 3D maps locating people and assets with no additional infrastructure, and we want to extend this beyond just healthcare and highlight other use cases. We have started this work already with HERE Technologies partnership, where we are supporting the company with indoor positioning technology.

It is clear that there is a real demand for Navenio’s technology due to its ability in securing an international role across healthcare, smart cities, asset management, logistics and mobility. We’re now excited to scale into the US and beyond.

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