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Plumm is a workplace mental wellbeing platform that partners with progressive organisations to help build a more compassionate and productive workforce. Our goal is to put the mental wellbeing of employees at the centre of organisations. To do this, we provide employees with evidence-based care, tailored to their requirements, while helping businesses save money on employee engagement and healthcare costs.

Since launching Plumm in 2018, we’ve onboarded over 150 accredited therapists and specialised coaches, completed over 10,000 one-on-one video sessions, covering over 20,000 employees and partnering with over 100 organisations.

Our platform helps people at every stage of their mental wellbeing. We offer preventative, reactive, and personal growth journeys, depending on what is needed for the individual. As well as one-to-one mental health support through chat and video calls, we also offer wellbeing workshops, courses and guided meditations.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Plumm was a product of my home experiences when I was very young. My mother suffered from severe stress and depression which deeply impacted me. Homelife was very difficult and witnessing the suffering was heart-breaking.

However, this all changed after my mum sought therapy. She gradually got better, happier, and even became a therapist herself. My mother’s mental wellbeing is healthy, and with her role, she is able to focus on helping others who have their own struggles.

So, from a young age, I saw both the negative and positive impacts mental health can have, and what happens when people give their mental wellbeing the attention it deserves.

I have also always been excited about technology and fashioned my career around it. So, it was only natural that I wanted to start a company that combined both my love for technology and my strong advocacy of therapy.

In 2017, the mental health space was not as robust as it is today and so I wanted to create my own model, which would change the reshape the industry. This led me to develop Plumm.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Since the pandemic, mental health has gaine

d much more attention, which is fantastic. However, some use the word as more of a buzzword, which is not how it should be considered.

Due to this, we wanted to re-package ourselves so people would understand we were not leaning into a ‘fad’, but we are a company that offers sustainable and long-term solutions for our users, taking the issue of mental wellbeing seriously.

So, during the pandemic, we rebranded to become Plumm (we were formerly known as Healingclouds) and focused the platform on offering bespoke therapeutic support to every end-user, regardless of whether they required interventive or preventative help. Additionally, we pivoted our business model, moving away from B2C to focus on the B2B market, which we felt would help us access a wider pool of users.

As the conversation around mental health has become more open and less ‘taboo’, we have been able to discuss uncomfortable topics with businesses more easily, covering issues such as burnout, morale, and authenticity in the workplace.

What can we hope to see from Plumm in the future?

Plumm has a lot of exciting developments just around the corner. We plan to make Plumm a lot more data-driven. This will improve the quantity and quality of our services by examining people’s progression as they engage with our app and platform. The anonymised data collected will be used to personalise the users’ journey with highly relevant therapies, so we can continue to improve people’s lives.

We also expect to experience rapid growth within the next month as both our Slack app and mobile app will go live. Furthermore, our Microsoft Teams app will be updated, with an even more immersive and tailored experience for our users.

The pandemic has started a lot of conversation around mental health and wellbeing. We want these conversations to translate into action – and Plumm is a proven solution to help people become mentally stronger individuals. We hope more and more businesses worldwide will be using Plumm soon.

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