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February is internationally renowned for fashion worldwide, with Fashion Weeks taking place across many major cities. With this in mind TechRound thought it was important to celebrate fashion brands to watch in 2022, with mens fashion being no exception.

Here, TechRound has featured a range of brands specialising in all areas of mens fashion, including streetwear, sleepwear, sportswear, jewellery and accessories. Brands featured include:

Dagsmejan, founded by Catarina Dahlin & Andreas Lenzhofer
URBAG®, founded by Marie Callan
Beckett Simonon, founded by Andrés Niño & Nicholas Hurtado
Nothing New, founded by Nolan Walsh
Son of a Tailor, founded by Jess Fleischer
Rooted Ocean, founded by Lee Newby & Matt Stephensen
PoBO, founded by Dario Peluso
Rebranded, founded by Tricia Hokes
Samuel Hubbard, founded by Billy Barba
UnderGents, founded by Bruce Katz
Weiss Watch Company, founded by Cameron Weiss
Reuben Oliver, founded by Reuben Gladstone & Eram Zaghi
Night Addict, founded by Rohil Kumar
Trendhim, founded by Sebastian Petersen and Mikkel Andersen
Blue Eyes Bow Ties, founded by Helen King


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Website: www.dagsmejan.co.uk

Founder(s): Catarina Dahlin & Andreas Lenzhofer

Sleep is one of the most powerful tools for a better tomorrow – we can literally sleep our way to becoming happier, healthier, smarter and faster. Looking to improve the quality and comfort of your sleep? Dagsmejan has a solution for you.

Dagsmejan offers a new, comfortable way to sleep. Our sustainable and luxurious sleepwear is developed and engineered in Switzerland within the framework of an interdisciplinary research project involving material scientists and textile ergonomists in cooperation with sleep experts. Using only the finest, high-tech natural fibres, such as merino wool, eucalyptus, and beechwood.

Dagsmejan sleepwear is ethically produced in Europe. Combining the finest natural fibres with the latest textile technologies, Dagsmejan ensures that its sleepwear will keep you at the optimal sleeping temperature, never too hot and never too cold.

Each collection features a proprietary technology designed to improve the quality of sleep and target specific physiological sleep needs:

Balance Collection —NATTWELL helps you keep the ideal sleeping temperature: it is 6x more breathable than cotton and provides 4x better moisture management.

Stay Cool Collection —NATTCOOL gives you a cool night comfort: it is 8x more breathable than cotton and it dries 3x faster.

Stay Warm Collection —NATTWARM provides lightweight warmth without ever overheating: it is 4x more breathable and 2x softer than cotton.

Recovery Collection — NATTRECOVER fabric optimises your muscle recovery by improving muscle oxygenation. Most popular among our male audience, this collection’s benefits include: responsive mineral fabric, natural infrared energy, oxygenised blood flow and muscle recovery power.

NATTRECOVER technology uses heat activated energising minerals to recycle excess body heat naturally released during sleep – transforming it into far infrared energy and re-directing it back towards the body. This process increases blood flow to the muscles, enhancing the overnight regeneration. Due to its high functional qualities, this collection is especially appreciated amongst athletes who focus strongly on muscle regeneration.

There are many factors that impact how well we sleep, with one being wearing the right sleepwear. The recovery collection is athlete proven, backed by professional athletes, top medical professionals and trainers. The Swiss National Ice Hockey team, along with World and Olympic champions personally recommend Dagsmejan.


Website: www.urbagofficial.com

Founder(s): Marie Callan

The URBAG® is a zero-waste fashion accessory – first-to-market and patented in the UK and the EU- that helps consumers and fashion brands reduce the hidden environmental cost of clothing care.

The URBAG® (£50) is a 3-in-1 suit carrier bag that offers customers a convenient, stylish, zero-waste and luxurious alternative to single-use laundry and dry-cleaning plastic covers. Made of 65% post-recycled polyester (13.5 reclaimed plastic bottles) and 35% organic cotton, URBAG® was designed in London and crafted by hand in the UK by Leading Fast Forward manufacturers. The result? A multi-use suit carrier that’s forward thinking, superbly made and lasts a lifetime.

The issue of single-use plastic in the clothes aftercare industry is so taboo that none of the trade associations are currently tracking numbers or environmental impacts. We estimate however at approximately 37.5 million meters of single-use plastic garment covers being used per year, in the UK alone.

Now that normality resumes and that people are slowly going to the office, we need to address this issue, sustainably. Go back to the office, differently.

After our successful pilot project during COVID, we are growing our business, determined to change the fashion aftercare industry, raise awareness and end single-use plastic consumption, one dry-cleaner at a time.

Entrepreneur, designer and founder of URBAG®, Marie Callan is on a mission to rid the world of single-use garment covers, and prove that luxury, style and convenience can be zero-waste too. After spending decades working in sustainability, Marie noticed that the fashion aftercare industry was significantly lagging behind when it came to single-use plastic waste. That’s why, during her maternity leave in 2019, Marie set to work creating URBAG® with a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic garment covers, and replace them with a smarter, more luxurious, reusable and sustainable alternative.


Beckett Simonon

Website: www.beckettsimonon.com

Founder(s): Andrés Niño & Nicholas Hurtado

Beckett Simonon stands firm in the power of well-made products from production to consumer. By offering high quality, responsibly manufactured, unrivaled prices, and an excellent customer experience, Beckett has created a paradigm shift in the footwear and leather goods industry. By eliminating third parties, Beckett operates on a made-to-order model, bettering its customers and global footprint by avoiding inventory that could end up landfilled or incinerated, producing more greenhouse gas emissions.

Making long-lasting products that stand the test of time is its ethos. From classic designs that can be worn by a millennial entrepreneur to his grandfather, to the sold and detailed construction, their footwear is thought to be passed down from generation to generation. They are also made to be resoled and repaired because the most responsible item is the one already in your closet.

All leather products are gold-rated, biobased, and safe. The artisans that craft their products are divided into three family-owned studios, where Colombian experts with decades of experience make the products you’ll wear for years. They earn 20% over Colombian minimum wage, have healthcare, pensions, vacations, and caregiver leave. The scraps that are left from production are donated to leathercraft schools as learning material.

The founders, Andrés Niño and Nicholas Hurtado, are best friends from Bogotá. Two punk kids that thought of a way to make retail a force for good, back in 2011. As co-CEO, Nicholas is responsible for guiding our general brand strategy and culture with a focus on our win-win vision for a better world. He is also in charge of leading all customer-facing touchpoints and branding. When he’s not working, you can find him outdoors cycling on a gravel road.

As Co-CEO, Andrés Niño is responsible for overseeing the company’s business operations. This means ensuring the company has effective and efficient operational and financial procedures in place. As well as taking care of supply chain management, with a big focus on sourcing for partners and suppliers that meet our ethical, environmental and quality expectations. When he’s not working, you can find him playing tennis.


Nothing New

Website: www.nothingnew.com

Founder(s): Nolan Walsh

Created by Nolan Walsh, the same brains that launched the footwear juggernaut Thursday Boot Company, his newest venture takes the idea of sustainable sneakers and makes it, well, actually sustainable.

There are a lot of shoes that claim to be environmentally friendly for relatively minor achievements: using recycled rubber or organic cotton, for example. Nothing New takes all your notions of sustainability and ratchets them up to 100: the stitching — and it’s stitched, not glued, for extra durability — is made with recycled cotton sourced with the Better Cotton Initiative, the shoe itself is recyclable, and the “canvas” it’s made from is actually post-consumer recycled plastic.

The list of environmentally friendly angles goes on and on: they’ll take your shoes back when they wear out and give you $20 off your next pair, the eyelets are made from certified conflict-free copper and zinc, the heel counter is recycled fish nets, the petroleum you’d normally find in the insole has been swapped for castor bean oil, and you’re effectively making a charitable donation with every pair: each purchase contributes to wind farms, biofuel companies, and reforestation organisations to make Nothing New a carbon-neutral company.

But are they actually good sneakers? Yup: the “canvas” is thicker and tougher than a Converse Chuck Taylor and the stitched construction means they’ll last longer. This is one sneaker start-up we should all want to succeed.


Son of a Tailor

Website: www.sonofatailor.com

Founder(s): Jess Fleischer

Son of a Tailor is a clothing-tech company that offers perfect fit menswear essentials. The goal? Reengineer clothing to benefit customers, garment workers, and the planet.

When it comes to clothing’s sustainability crisis, there’s no question about why we need to act. The challenge is how. Their solution is Made to Order:

Zero overproduction: They only produce an item if someone has ordered it – with a lead time of as fast as 7 days.
Perfect fit: They make perfect fit a breeze with a Perfect Fit Algorithm. All they need are height, weight, age, and shoe size to create a custom pattern for each individual customer – so far, for over 130,000 men.
100% traceability: They replace opaque supply chains with traceability. All garments are “made by”, coming with the name of a member of the garment team so our customers know who made their item.

Since they launched their first product, a cotton t-shirt, in 2014, they have expanded their product portfolio to include shirts, sweatshirts, polos and knitwear. For their knitwear, they apply 3D-knitting to produce a garment that is not only made to the specific customer’s measurements, leading to zero inventory waste, but also reduces production waste from the industry average of 20% to less than 1%.


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Rooted Ocean

Website: www.rootedocean.com

Founder(s): Lee Newby & Matt Stephensen

Defined as an outdoor equipment company, Rooted Ocean lives by a simple ethos. “Inspire a love of nature, surf and outdoor activity through the best quality, sustainable gear and apparel.”

Founded in North Cornwall by best friends Matt & Lee, Rooted Ocean prides itself on not only creating sustainable gear with the best British materials, but is also an active member of their Cornish community. Supporting initiatives such as 2 Minute Beach Clean by supplying volunteers with durable collection bags, Rooted Ocean are committed to being part of a sustainable collective movement and a voice of change.

Alongside designing hardwearing, premium goods, Rooted Ocean proudly offers a comprehensive repair service for any branded clothing, such as down jackets & wetsuits. This is where Matt & Lee can really flex their excellent craftsmanship and breathe new life into a damaged item – in their words, “to build a circular economy”. And of course, mitigating unnecessary items heading to landfill.

Matt & Lee work with local craftspeople, technicians & photographers to not only work alongside the brand – but to live and breathe Rooted Ocean; this means collaborations with various creators to curate their very own community. Later this year Rooted Ocean will be opening their first concept retail store that will showcase a range of premium lifestyle gear alongside their dedicated workshop, where customers can pop in to see the duo in action. Fans of the Cornish brand can also look forward to completely customisable changing robes arriving later this Spring, which will let customers choose from a range of towelling fabrics to create their very own piece of Rooted Ocean gear.



Website: www.pobo.uk

Founder(s): Dario Peluso

PoBO is a premium quality, sustainable street and loungewear brand based in London. The first capsule collection was launched in late 2021 and immediately received a fantastic response. PoBO stands for Positive by Ownership which is about owning our positive mindset and impact on the world around us. The collection features environmentally friendly prints and embroideries which are inspired by street art and urban photography.

PoBO’s contemporary designs have iconic and timeless elements to promote the longevity of the garments. This is at the core of the brand’s sustainable philosophy but their approach goes further. PoBO produces in small batches to reduce waste and only uses certified premium materials and ethical suppliers (GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, PETA Approved Vegan, Fair Wear Foundation, Global Recycled Standard certifications). Packaging is made of recycled paper and other fully compostable materials. For each purchase, PoBO plants mangrove trees (the PoBO forest has 845 trees and they have offset 7.5 tonnes of CO2 already) and funds positive social impact projects to support impoverished communities.

PoBO aims to change the way people consume fashion from the way products are conceived. “We want to design clothes that you will want to keep forever, that will give you joy even when they are definitely old.” – Dario Peluso, Founder

The inspiration for the brand came from the artists of Group Zero. This was described as “a zone of silence and of pure possibilities for a new beginning.”

“They wanted to hit the reset button on modern art and we are amongst those who believe that now is the time to do the same with fashion.” – Dario Peluso, Founder. The collection is available to purchase from www.pobo.uk and prices range from £35 to £120.



Website: www.rebranded.com

Founder(s): Tricia Hokes

Launching in February 2022, Rebranded is here to revolutionise the way we view fashion. Every day, thousands of products go to waste at the factory level due to error and imperfection. These items are typically discarded, causing waste and harm to the environment. Rebranded takes these “unwanted” and “unworthy” items, using the materials to create new, reinvented, rebranded pieces of clothing.

Using inspiration from artists, culture, and music, this streetwear brand has unique designs that are both fashionable and sustainable. Minimise waste and amp up your unique style with this one of a kind LA based fashion brand.


Website: www.undergents.com

Founder(s): Bruce Katz

With a study showing over 70% of men are dissatisfied with their current underwear, UnderGents is seeking to redefine what every man can expect regarding the comfort and function of their underwear. Using CloudSoft, a new, nature-based micro modal fabric, UnderGents is able to provide unbelievable softness that’s cooling, odor free, and moisture wicking while at the same time allowing for breathable movement.

Combining luxury comfort with stylish designs, UnderGents has created a variety of options so that every man can find his perfect fit! Plus, you can add to your look by shopping their Swagger Men’s Lounge Wear collection, so that you can always feel like your best, most relaxed self.

Samuel Hubbard

Website: www.samuelhubbard.com

Founder(s): Billy Barba

Samuel Hubbard – is a family-owned sustainable shoe brand that aims to combat fast-fashion and the overproduction resulting in excess inventory. The brand’s principle is ‘the fewer, the better’, and to only buy shoes you love, that are built for comfort and will remain stylish long after the season is over. This means less waste and extremely happy feet.

The team is designing groundbreaking innovations that are leading the industry, each shoe hand-crafted with uncompromising excellence and meant to support all of life’s twists and turns. Samuel Hubbard aims to also help the community with their ‘Trade-Up’ program which allows you to donate old shoes to someone in need.

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Weiss Watch Company

Website: www.weisswatchcompany.com

Founder(s): Cameron Weiss

Weiss Watch Company is a luxury everyday watch brand with a selection of hand-assembled timepieces. Founded in 2013 by certified American watchmaker Cameron Weiss, the company is still family-owned today.

Inspired by the quality of American-made watches, the company ensures that each construction lives up to historical standards.

Reuben Oliver

Website: www.reubenoliver.com

Founder(s): Reuben Gladstone & Eram Zaghi

Reuben Oliver is a plant-based knitwear brand designed in New York City and manufactured in Peru. Focused on innovative designs and sourcing some of the world’s finest fibers harvested along the northern coastal region of Peru.

Rueben Oliver creates a progressive re-introduction to knitwear by building off of historic techniques, while also introducing new knitting processes and never-before-seen designs.


Night Addict

Website: www.nightaddict.com

Founder(s): Rohil Kumar

AFFORDABLE and trend-setting designs have seen Night Addict emerge as one of the fastest growing menswear brands in the market. Born out of a unique vision, the label is a lifestyle brand that captures cutting-edge street styles and cultures from all corners of the globe.

The label forms part of the Whispering Smith group which has become one of the most distinctive voices in the U.K. fashion market. Commenting on the reasons behind Night Addict’s success, founder Rohil Kumar said: “Night Addict aims to consistently offer affordable street fashion that goes beyond the norms, inspiring fans and followers all over the world through our commitment to originality and authenticity.

We believe that in a global culture everyone should have the means and the confidence to explore their own style by expressing themselves as freely and unapologetically as possible. In other words, we believe that style is a mindset, not a label. We believe in embodying and empowering that mindset wherever we go. That’s the culture which is embedded in our brand.”

Night Addict is one of several labels within the Whispering Smith brand. The Manchester based company is entering its 55th year in business – and 2022 looks set to be another incredible 12 months. Whispering Smith began its life in 1967 as a family-owned business when its chairman, Lal Kumar, began importing clothing from the Far East.

Now, as well as Night Addict, they have their flagship brand Brave Soul and co-own Good For Nothing. It makes it one of the UK’s largest creators, importers, wholesalers and distributors of clothing for major high street stores and e-tailers – with showrooms across the globe including in London, New York, Düsseldorf and Madrid. Yet despite their continued growth the same principles, upon which this family-run business was formed, still hold true to this day.

It is now led from 500,000 sq ft Great Ducie Street HQ by a group of directors including Lal’s grandson, Rohil. Rohil said: “We are a business which stretches back three generations and we are proud of our roots and proud of our menswear brands.
“The secret to our success is our huge talent, high standards, a great product and a first-class team of staff. Whispering Smith crafts quality products to meet or exceed customers’ expectations and we will continue to do so.”

And Whispering Smith is now about to write an exciting new chapter in its history. Last year it was announced the business had completed the purchase of a new HQ building in the bustling Deansgate region of Manchester, for £6.35 million. They will move into the new building next year.



Website: www.trendhim.co.uk

Founder(s): Sebastian Petersen & Mikkel Andersen

Trendhim is an award-winning men’s accessories brand established in 2007 by Co-Founders Sebastian Petersen and Mikkel Andersen in Horsens, Denmark. They were 18 and finishing up their last year of high school. Back in the day, they already had that burning desire to start their own business. They came up with 2 ideas – home delivery service for bread on the weekends and an online store selling accessories and jewellery for men.

Morning bread suffered a swift death, and from the charcoaled ashes of waking up early, Trendhim rose and became a household name. Trendhim’s mission is to inspire all men to express themselves by offering a diverse range of fashionable and affordable men’s accessories. That’s why we have a diverse product portfolio with products ranging from suit accessories and jewellery to bags and wallets.

Men’s accessories are not about dressing up for special occasions, nor are they reserved for a specific group of men. It’s not about gimmicks or necessarily looking good. It’s about telling your story and expressing what makes you your own. One way to do that is through the smaller things you wear – accessories.

Trendhim designs quality men’s accessories that are fashionable and affordable. They currently have 13 brands in their portfolio launching several collections a year and an ever-growing arsenal of articles to help you get the most from top of the line products exquisitely designed for men.

The past few years have been an amazing journey, and Trendhim aims to keep improving, keep evolving, and keep making high-quality affordable accessories for patrons worldwide to tell your story with.


Blue Eyes Bow Ties

Website: www.blueyesbowties.com

Founder(s): Helen King

Blue Eyes Bow Ties was founded in 2016 selling bow ties online.  Helen got the website up and running a few months later and has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. She gave up a teaching job at Christmas 2021 to focus solely on the business as it’s doing so well.

She won the Theo Paphitis ‘Small Business Sunday’ award back in 2016 and her ‘How to Tie a Bow Tie’ video was used by CBS in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as well as the latest Samsung Galaxy phone advert.

However, most recently one of the bow ties was purchased by the BBC and worn in the 2020 series of Doctor Who, by the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The bow tie is featured in episodes one and two, ‘Spyfall’.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride over the last few years. Coronavirus struck hard but, being an independent handmade business, she was able to diversify into making face masks which proved extremely popular.

Over the last 6 months the bow tie business has really picked up and she has had her best sales months ever. She has just taken delivery of an amazing new logo (not yet revealed) and is getting a new website in March. There is SO much to be excited and positive about and she really feels that Blue Eyes Bow Ties is a company to watch.


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