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Award-winning industrial design and innovation studio Morrama has revealed details of its latest project, Quell – an immersive gaming platform and wearable, which uses real resistance, powerful haptics, and immersive gameplay, to deliver gym-quality exercise to people at home.

Created for a rising fit-tech startup of the same name, the Quell wearable “plugs in” to Quell’s bespoke boxing game, created with insight from professional athletes – to sync people’s movements to on-screen avatars, whilst also tracking their speed, accuracy, endurance, and power.

Inclusive of controllers, a chest unit, wearable belt, wrist wraps and resistance bands, the wearable has been optimised to provide an effective, efficient workout that can be tailored to people’s body shapes and fitness abilities. The belt combines comfort and practicality using a laminated blend of athletic textiles that is tailored for rigorous daily workouts across a wide range of physiques, with Morrama leaning on sport science, physiotherapy, and human biology experts to validate ideas before locking in the belt’s structural blueprint.

The gaming controllers, meanwhile, include advanced accelerometer and gyroscopes to accurately replicate players’ movements – whether that be a timely uppercut or a jumping reach for a hanging vine. They also track users’ physical progress so they can see how their fitness is improving as they fight their way through the levels.

To enhance the fitness element of the Quell platform, the resistance bands ensure that gamers are given a legitimate workout that feels both challenging and natural. By utilising wrist wraps to secure the bands to the body, users’ hands are free for the controllers.



No gaming or fitness experience is required as Quell is an all-body inclusive workout product that can be tailored to everyone’s fitness goals and gaming level. Users only need a PC to begin playing and can also connect to their TV for a big-screen experience.

Jo Barnard, Founder and CEO, Morrama said: “Combining gamification and fit-tech is a powerful motivator but Quell takes this to the next level by catapulting users right into the action. Our challenge was to ensure that the hardware we created was safe, effective and comfortable, and we have exceeded even our own expectations in this area. The device really does bring gaming to life, and we are delighted by the results.”

Lorenzo Spreafico, Co-Founder, Quell adds: “We started Quell to make exercise fun for everyone, utilizing gaming to ensure users are fully immersed in the action. We are committed to delivering great fitness and great gaming, without compromising on either. Morrama played a key role in turning our wearable into an incredible, innovative product. The introduction of the controllers, for example, has made the product far more versatile, by considering the grip types and gameplay requirements for both small and large hands. This attention to detail is what makes all the difference, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Quell is available to pre-order at


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