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2021 has been a trying year for everyone. Spending most of the year working from home, finding any sort of productivity can often be a hard thing to do. Whether you are struggling to work within your remote team or finding it hard to gain some motivation during the longer winter days, staying productive has felt hard in 2021.

That is why TechRound has created this guide, to give you some tips so that both you and your team can stay productive in 2021 and beyond.

Dedicated Workspace

In 2021 we were forced to work from our own homes, people worked from their kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. However, for productivity, it is important to have your own dedicated workspace. Somewhere separate from where your life goes on, so that their can be a separation of your work life and your home life. You do not want to be eating dinner with your family in the same spot where you have worked all day because then all you can think about is work.

By having a dedicated workspace, with computers and equipment needed, you can “go to the office” every day and be more productive in that room. No distractions from TV’s or other things elsewhere in the house, having a dedicated workspace can help keep you productive as we continue to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Use Team Communication Software

Communicating effectively with your team is a vitally important part of staying productive. If you are not communicating well with your team, remotely or otherwise then you will end up doing the same tasks or none at all. Making sure that you have a good connection with your colleagues and that you are all on the same page will mean that the team will stay productive during this challenging time.

Using team communication software like Chanty, will help organise and track tasks throughout the days and months will help keep you all in contact. Using their chat or video messaging services will make sure that you have good communication with your team helping you stay productive in 2021 and beyond.

Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks is a vital part of staying productive in 2021 and beyond. Working constantly for hours on end can bring about work fatigue making you less productive during the day. Instead, it is important to have a structured day where you take the same breaks at similar times each day to help you stay in a routine. Having designed work hours will keep you more productive for longer periods of time, especially whilst working from home.

Eat Well

Diet and hydration are extremely conducive to good productivity. Eating well and staying hydrated throughout the day will keep your mind working for longer periods of time. You will get less tired slower meaning your focus will stay good during the working day. Making sure you have a drink of water next to your desk at all times as well as eating a healthy 3 meals a day will stop you from slacking and will make sure that you can stay productive at all times.

Get Some Fresh Air

When employees had to commute to the office, they were forced to at least get some fresh air during the day. Now, working from home means that some people can go days without seeing the outside properly. This harms productivity in most cases and will make people more fatigued and less likely to work well. It is imperative that everyone takes breaks in the fresh air during the day so that they can replenish they systems and carry on with the day.

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