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Tech recruiters are becoming more open to taking the CV out of the recruitment process when looking for software developers.

That’s according to a recent tech hiring survey of more than 14,000 software developers and technical recruiters around the world.

The survey from technical interview platform CoderPad and CodinGame found that, with the skyrocketing need for tech talent, recruiters are changing the ways they recruit in order to reach a wider talent pool.

While 35pc of recruiters surveyed are planning to hire more than 50 developers in 2022, almost half said their main challenge when recruiting developers is finding qualified candidates.

This means that they widening the talent pool in a variety of ways in order to meet the ongoing demand.

Almost 60pc of recruiters surveyed said they would be willing to remove CVs entirely from the recruitment process, opting instead to focus on technical assessments and live interviews.

The survey also found that using skill-based technical assessment tools was one of the best ways of improving diversity in tech recruitment.

In terms of what is most in demand, tech recruiters surveyed said the top three skills they plan to hire for in 2022 will be web development, DevOps and AI/machine learning, while the three most in-demand programming languages will be Javascript, Java and Python.

What do developers want?

While changing the way they search for talent will be key for recruiters this year, it will also be important to engage the talent they find by offering what they want.

The hiring survey found that the top three challenges developers face at work are unplanned changes, unclear direction and a lack of technical knowledge in the team.

The majority of developers surveyed also want to work remotely at least some of the time, with 33pc of respondents wanting to work fully remotely.

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