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Mlytics is a global leader in digital content delivery and experience monitoring. Established in 2017, Mlytics aims to build a faster, more reliable, and safer online world – while providing the ultimate transparency, flexibility, and customer control.

The company’s technology platform disrupts the cloud industry with Multi-CDN technology to deliver the best-in-class reliability, performance, and security. Mlytics simplifies the CDN subscription and activation process, using RUM and synthetic monitoring to collect CDN and network data to help businesses route traffic intelligently across all available CDNs.


What sets Mlytics apart from its competitors?

Combining multiple trusted CDNs with sophisticated security features into a centralized marketplace and leveraging a proprietary Smart Load Balancer, Mlytics has created a one-of-a-kind, SaaS digital experience delivery platform, uniquely suited to optimize website traffic while keeping sites safe and secure.

The platform allows access to multiple trusted CDNs such as Akamai, Cloudflare, Stackpath, or Fastly in a few clicks, enabling users to fully customize the solution to their business needs with its Multi-CDN marketplace. Setting itself apart from traditional CDN solution providers, the Mlytics system collects global network performance data and translates it into traffic routing decisions, tapping an AI solution to automatically choose the most effective CDN that a client installed.

During outages or downtimes, the system automatically identifies and routes users to the best-performing CDN to deliver the optimal experience and avoid disruption. Traffic going through the system is protected from a range of malicious activities by the platform’s Cloud WAF, API protection, CDN/origin DDoS protection, and bot management and access control tools. Once set up, clients can focus on other projects as the system seamlessly runs its course.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do what you think is right and follow the numbers.

Can you explain what the difference is between a multi-CDN and a CDN? What’s the benefit for companies to use a multi-CDN?

Over the past decades, CDNs have become commonplace in the world of website management: website owners have come to rely on the increased loading speed and added security brought by the CDN’s geographically distributed group of servers. Also, CDN’s enhance streaming capabilities and help high-profile sites manage large amounts of daily traffic.

That said, traditional CDN solutions are not without limitations. Indeed, usually loading times are increased when users access websites served from a nearby CDN, but those benefits do not extend to websites loaded from farther away. In an increasingly globally-connected and internationally-competitive world, a typical CDN structure can limit an organization’s reach, and therefore its success.

In addition, traditional CDN solutions occasionally experience outages caused by service glitches or other technical issues, which may be problematic for the CDN solution users, i.e. the companies who can’t absorb the accompanying financial costs.

Multi CDN solutions may prove helpful in mitigating the caveats inherent to single CDN solutions.

A Multi CDN, as the name implies, is a solution that combines multiple CDNs from different providers into a single network to increase coverage and can help achieve better website performance compared to a single CDN solution.

Different CDN vendors allow users access to different networks of edge servers or Points of Presence (PoPs), different underlying network infrastructures, and different sets of specialized features and functions. Therefore, different CDN vendors may deliver different performance, security, and cost benefits too depending on traffic, workload, and geolocation. Multi CDN allows organizations to use “the best CDN for the job” by directing specific traffic and workload to specific CDNs.


How has the pandemic affected Mlytics, if at all?

Due to the global pandemic, the world’s digitization speed shifted into second gear as employees had to start working remotely, friends and families had to resort to online meetups and digital forms of entertainment. This resulted in a sudden increase in demand for seamless digital content delivery. Of course, being active in the digital experience and content delivery industry created a sea of opportunities. So, in short, Mlytics saw (and still sees) the pandemic as an opportunity.

What can we hope to see from Mlytics in the future?

With a customer-first approach, Mlytics is always exploring opportunities to further enhance the digital experience of our users and their users. Hence, we continue to build a faster, more reliable, and safer online world – while providing the ultimate transparency, flexibility, and customer control.

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