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2021 has seen a huge uptick in the number of podcasts that are being produced globally. It has become a phenomenon to start a podcast, especially during the pandemic, and businesses are starting to realise the potential in creating their own podcast. Although not as common right now, in 2022 businesses should be creating their own podcasts as it can provide huge benefits to their business and bring in extra revenue.

The ease of which you can engage with your audience through a podcast makes them a great option for those podcasts looking to connect with their customers or bring in new ones. Podcasts are going to continue to grow in 2022, having your business become a part of this trend can help you target and find new audiences throughout the year.

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The Ability to be Creative Like Never Before

If your business is in a niche market, then having your podcast be the first podcast that focuses on that niche can be a great way to drive new customers and increasing engagement. A podcast for your business has so much potential to be creative and to be the first podcast in its own market. It is so important for brands to use multiple digital avenues to engage with their current audience and create new customers. 

If you are a startup company who is looking to gain traction, being creative and starting a podcast could be a great way to get your name out there.

The Global Popularity of Podcasts

One of the greatest reasons that businesses should look to start podcasts is because of their sheer popularity. Podcasts have never been as popular as they are right now. The range of podcasts are huge and research has shown that over 70% of the Western World have thought about listening to a podcast before. Having your podcast show up on recommended pages on sites will help drive traffic to your business and help you build up a new audience who have found you through your podcast. 

Get in Front of The Right Audience 

Podcast listeners are typically affluent, employed professionals and approximately 28% of podcast listeners are between the ages of 25-34. If your business is looking to target a younger more professional audience than a podcast could be a great way to do just that. If you are looking to sell to younger customers than you have at the moment, starting a podcast is an innovative and important way of getting their attention. This shows just how important podcasts can be in gaining new customers in specific target audiences for businesses.

Communicate With New Audiences

Podcasts are a great way to build a relationship with either new or existing customers and audience. For those that have just seen your business as a logo or a product, connecting with your customers can help garner loyalty and retention. The audience will look to engage and support the business where they can because of the personal bond created through the podcast. Putting a consistent friendly voice to the business will allow customers to see you as trustworthy and reliable. 

Podcasts Are Convenient for Audiences and Businesses Alike

Podcasts are convenient both for the business and for the listener. Podcasts can be ingested at any time at any place and this means that your product is constantly in earshot of a potential new customer. This makes it convenient for the audience as they can listen whenever it is convenient for them. Whether scrolling through social media at home or during office hours at work, someone could be listening to your podcast and creating a relationship with you. 

Podcasts are also convenient for businesses because it is cost efficient, recording a podcast truly does not cost that much money, much less than creating video content would do. Podcasts come at a small cost but can have great benefits for your business.

Podcasts Can Be an Extra Source of Revenue

It is important to note that popular podcasts are also a great source of extra revenue. A popular podcast can earn businesses money that they would not have had otherwise. This money can be invested back into the podcast and podcast equipment to increase popularity and awareness or can be used elsewhere in the company to build the brand. Although not related to driving new traffic or customers, as podcasts grow in popularity in 2022, the amount that you can earn by using podcasts as a revenue stream continues to increase dramatically. 

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