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The team are celebrating again after securing yet another round of funding, this time including an investment by Lord Mervyn Davies. As well as his ongoing career in finance, Lord Davies is an active investor in entrepreneurial start-up businesses. He takes a lead in promoting female leadership and is passionate for the arts. He also commissioned the government backed ‘Davies Report’ to promote gender equality at FTSE Board level. 

Fem Foundry 2.0 was born in December 2021, with the platform launching an all new app which has received fantastic feedback from the community. 


“I found 10 potential mentors in one day! I love this app and can’t wait to grow my business alongside this community. I’ve never come across a platform serving women in this way, it’s such a forward-thinking place to be.” – Rebekah, Fem Foundry user.

One of the key components that sets Fem Foundry apart is the focus on the multifaceted aspects of a woman’s life; everything from her career to her wellness, to her spirituality and her mental health. 

Along with the founding team, Fem Foundry welcomed co-founder Pips Taylor in 2021. Pips is an experienced broadcaster and a global ambassador for Hillary Clinton’s Foundation Vital Voices, and a patron for Rights of Women. 

Fem Foundry’s global leaders enable the business to be uniquely positioned as a network and media powerhouse for women’s empowerment on a large scale. The Foundry Leaders sit at the heart of Fem Foundry across a diverse collection of industries and range from Beverly Knight to Natalie Pinkham, bringing global experts directly to users via the Academy sessions and live events. Users can also connect with leaders through direct messaging on the app which has always been a focus for founder Amy Williams



We asked Amy what makes this app so unique:

“We’re a digital club that aims to help every member feel ten times more confident, capable, knowledgeable and healthier than the day they joined us. Every woman is different with varying needs, so we take a holistic approach to coaching, education, mentorship and content. 

The biggest challenge for experts, mentors, and content creators is building an audience. They often have to split their time and resources between marketing themselves and focusing on their craft. Fem Foundry is poised to sit in the middle of this space and the trend. 

Both our leaders and users are able to monetise their offering, putting a premium on women and talent instead of just noise and in doing so, building a rich library of opportunities, resources and content for everyone. This means that users are able to upskill from their back pocket and from anywhere! The mission is to become the ‘Bumble’ for humanised female networking, learning and support.”



The early seeds of Fem Foundry were sown when founder Amy Williams realised that what she needed in her professional and personal life wasn’t available and she set out to create it. A platform where age, race, sexuality, class and creed does not divide us, but instead, cross-generational, diverse and inclusive friendships are nurtured and celebrated. Fem Foundry is a place that exists to serve your whole self – your complete ecosystem in a fragmented market. 

And she’s not stopping there. Fem Foundry has announced their move into the Metaverse with their first NFT collection ‘The Guardians of Fem Foundry’. Although the decentralised NFT marketplace gives artists equal and direct access to collectors, most of the artists making the biggest sales on the market are predominantly male. Released in February, the feature is a collection of 500 unique characters offering a range of utilities and benefits. It’s a collection that has seen a lot of early interest and with under 20% of female founded NFT collections out there, this is one to be a part of. 



We asked Amy what’s next:

“We pride ourselves on being a democracy and as we see the online world decentralise, we’re confident that we’re the space where people can be themselves. My 20 years + experience within the media and marketing sector has given me the ability to predict where and what people are interested in consuming next, and creating this space for womankind to upskill, connect with each other and truly transform their lives has been a privilege to say the least.

Over the next year we will be focusing on building out our community worldwide, introducing a wealth of new global leaders and strategic partners. We have a commitment to our cause and are excited to announce our Fem Foundry Charitable Fund where we donate 10% of profits from the sales of our NFT collection – The Guardians of Fem Foundry. 2022 is going to see great things for womankind the world over, and I’m very grateful to be at the forefront of that movement. Calling all women, welcome home!”

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