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A new and innovative platform has been launched today, aiming to support a ‘just transition’ to a low carbon economy. JustCarbon aims to democratise carbon markets and establish a transparent and effective nature-based carbon sequestration marketplace, a vital requirement in addressing global temperature rises.

The new venture’s approach is designed to support the exponential growth of the global carbon market, which is expected to rise from around $272bn today, to $2tn by 2040*. JustCarbon seeks to achieve this by improving market access, increasing liquidity, providing a clear and transparent price signal and encouraging new players to invest in climate action.

Through its unique JustCarbon Removal Unit (JCR), the platform provides climate action project developers with a simple and accessible means of monetising their removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. JCRs will only be minted from the highest quality carbon credits that have been issued from nature-based projects within the last five years by Verra (VCS) or Gold Standard. VCS credits must also have an add-on certification such as CCBA (climate, community & biodiversity accreditation). This filter will ensure that JCRs represent robust climate action, independently certified against the most recent accounting standards from the most respected bodies in the market.



Available for purchase on the JustCarbon platform, JCRs have been built to operate ‘cross-chain’ and will also be tradable on third party exchanges. This will maximise liquidity, availability and provide fairer pricing with greater certainty. Additionally, it will allow project developers to trade without brokers or retails, enabling better future planning and further reinvestment of profits into their projects.

The other key innovation of JustCarbon is its governance structure. To democratise the carbon market, it will operate as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) ensuring no single entity or vested interest group will own or control the platform. A separate token using blockchain technology, called the JustCarbon Governance Unit (JCG), will facilitate community voting and decision making, ensuring those with the greatest commitment to climate action have the greatest say in the platform’s direction.

JustCarbon will also further support the development of the market by distributing its surplus funds into projects and activities that support carbon sequestration worldwide.

Behind the platform is a team of collaborative co-founding industry and market experts from carbon markets, climate and impact finance, technology, and blockchain.

Adrian Rimmer is a partner in Finsbury Glover Hering, a former CEO, The Gold Standard Foundation and Senior Advisor, Green & Sustainable Finance at the London Stock Exchange Group’s Capital Markets business. Adrian has spent the last 15 years at the forefront of sustainability and ESG, driving commercial innovation in the private sector and international institutions.

Additional co-founders include Ravi Bahadursingh, Principal of the law firm of Chancery Lane Chambers, Anguilla, British West Indies, a blockchain expert and pioneering advisor within the cryptocurrency market; and Gavin Anderson, an experienced UK-based digital and marketing pioneer who has worked with many of the world’s largest brands.

Adrian Rimmer, co-founder, JustCarbon, said: “The current market has struggled to achieve its potential scale, partly due to its reliance on old technology. JustCarbon is designed to make market access simpler and more efficient for both buyers and sellers, ensuring that engaging in climate action is transparent and accessible as well as environmentally sound.”

“Carbon credits are a vital tool to finance sequestration of the world’s unavoidable emissions with some incredible work being done to create robust frameworks for designing, implementing and measuring the impact of projects. However, the market for credits remains fragmented, inefficient and often inequitable”

“By giving away ownership and operating as a DAO that is governed by a broad and diverse cross-section of the market’s key stakeholders and participants, who will determine its approach and strategic priorities, we believe we can eliminate many of the biases that have slowed the market’s growth and undermined its credibility.”

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